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Thread: Need help with diapering

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    Default Need help with diapering

    This might sound stupid but I need some suggestions/help with using diapers with a double tapping on each side. I have wore a lot of cushies as I find them easy to get on due to there single side taping system. But I have started to wear abena m4's more and more due to cash problems. I am finding it difficult to put them on because of the taps. Can anyone help with suggestions on how to tap the sides.

    Do you tap the waist first or the legs?? what is a cross taping system? Normally I put it on and when I stand up I find that the waste is to loose? Then I damage them when I adjust them.

    I do like these diapers and I have used bambinos in the past but I find that the bambinos seem to be easier ??

    Please help

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    I mostly wear Abenas myself. Try this method, sit down on the diaper and make sure the front and back are about equal height. Start taping the lower ones around your legs making sure it is snug but not too tight. Stand up and feel if the fit is alright. Sit down again, suck in your tummy abit and do the top ones. If you tape it wrong, you have a second chanse with Abenas double tapes, just pull off the white one and re-stick it.

    That is my way to do it, hope it helps a bit.

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    Well I'm not really an expert since I don't diaper myself (That's what Daddy is for! :p)

    But you tape the bottom tapes first before the top ones. Try keeping the bottoms tapes straight across and slightly taping the top ones down a little bit of an angle . This should help keep things snug.

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    You should try use the tapes, instead of tapping it. Might help.


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    Thanks for the help everyone I really appreciate it. But how do you get rid of that ummm well empty feeling. sorry umm I meant the feeling that your private part is not supported, sorry to sound crewed?? I hate that hanging feeling.

    Am I just hopeless at diapering???? This situation makes me feel really stupid. Sorry!

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    Perhaps you could try a smaller size? It sounds like it is a bit large for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ShortGuy View Post
    Perhaps you could try a smaller size? It sounds like it is a bit large for you.
    Thanks ShortGuy, you could be right. I have a 32-33 inch waist so I though I would be a medium in abena m4. I want to try smaller but due to the cost I don't want to end up with diapers I can't use.
    Has anyone tried the smaller size with a similar waist size.

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    Well, I am about a 30 inch myself, and I like the snug feeling the small gives.

    Try to get some samples first so you dont waste money on something that donīt fit.
    But then again, you could always use them as stuffers then, would sure take care of that "empty" feel

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