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Thread: hello from Australia

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    Red face hello from Australia

    I am really more of a dl [removed]. Not really into being an ab myself [removed]
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    hello and welcome why dont you tell us a little about yourself

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    Hi there! Welcome to adisc!

    Like literallegionare said, why don't you tell us a little about yourself, to help us get to know you better!

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    Hi there. I made a little mistake in my first post, so hope not to do it again

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    Hi Daddymelb,
    ywelcome to othe group, yep looks like the mods have been let loose in the scissors drawer again Seriously they do a very good job which is probably why this is the best ab site I have ever found. Have a look at as there is loads of information in there for newbies. As for the rest of your intro, it is a bit short, so how about telling us a little more about your non dl side, hobbies, interests, favourite music, that sort of thing, work, family just so people can get to know a bit about you before deciding wether to respond to you or not. Just for the record, I'm old single and a very young AB

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    TY PCbaby. I am a little younger thn you and have filled in the profile as much as possible. i lve in the second largest city in Australia, known as Melbourne. I joined this site some time ago, but havent been to active, and i am just working my way around the site as there seems to be much to lean. Thx for the link, and I will go over it to get my head around the way this works

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