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    Hi All, Irish guy here very much into ABDL. I find it difficult to meet those with similar interests in Ireland. Indeed some are quite hostile to the idea of a grown man in nappies. I hope to find support and friendship here [Removed]!!
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    H i Irishsissy,
    welcome to the group, This is an amazing site and I'm sure you'll get to talk to loads of people, but first how about a bit more about you,, things like your hobbies and interest, your work, home family basically any6thing that will give us a chance to get to know you rather than just about your dl side. You might also want to check out as there is a wealth of information in trhere for new members.

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    Hmmm well hobbies are boats and boating as well as sailing. Married with kids, nappy element is very priate part of my life although my wife knows I wear. Its an occaisional treat rather than a regular affair, wearing nappies that is.

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    Hi Irishsissy,
    it is amazing how many people can be hostile to a grown man ( or woman) in nappies,, although women of a certain llok seem to be classed as cute! or something! I have a fairly close friend here in the village whom I have know for 13 years, If I told him I was IC and had to wear protection (true) he would have a hard time dealing with it, if I told him I wore nappies for pleasure and wanted a mummy to baby me, I'd never be invited to his again. It's ggod that your wife knows about your wearing. Mine did as well and although she was disabled and I was the full time carer, when she felt up to it she would surprise me with a wash and a change or a chance to nurse at her breasts ( no she wasn't lactating) but she enjoyed me nursing and at night time she would often pat me on a well nappied bum before we settled as she knew that it helped me settle. Also when she woke during the night she'd do a nappy check and wake me to go wash and change before I helped her. Unfortunately she dies way before her time, last September. Does she know about your sissy side? and if not howe do you fit that in?

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