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Thread: Content Managment System Preffered Choice.

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    Default Content Managment System Preffered Choice.

    What CMS system do you prefer.

    Personally, I like Drupal, and am in the process of learning it, and it is good since it isnt such a common one.

    What are your choices?

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    Of the available choices.. I generally like drupal. It's got its downsides, but I like its approach and most of the time it just works.

    Dunno if I'd describe it as "not common" however. It's used by a tonne of corporate and government sites ( for example), not to mention a huge number of personal sites. In fact aside from wordpress (which is sorta a CMS) and joomla (is that even around any more?) I can't think of any that are even close to drupal in popularity.

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    If I'm setting one up for someone else I prefer Drupal as it requires way less work to get working on my server than Joomla Does (in fact Joomla requires a patch to get the installer to even start on my server...)

    For myself, I actually prefer to hand code everything although if I must use a CMS I usually use Drupal since I've always got the latest sources hanging around on my server

    The one really small exemption is that I will always use a customized set of Docbook stylesheets for my stories so I can generate the HTML, ePub, and MOBI versions of them at the same time.

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