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Thread: Does this sound reasonable reason if questioned when buying?

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    Default Does this sound reasonable reason if questioned when buying?

    My thought was when I got back to Uni in September I plan on buyin some diapers.
    I was thinking about buying some pads at the same time so not to look too strange as Ive read online that people who are on their period wear them at night?

    Would this seem like a good reason to be buying them?


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    No... It just makes ppl think why do you need a pad if you have a diaper on? lol! And ive learned usually ppl that post that stuff online can lie :\. What I suggest you doing is just sneeking some diapers and buy some pads with no excuse. Are you hiding them?

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    Well I read online on a few different sites that there better to sleep in when on your period rather than a pad. If asked why I was buying them I would say to sleep in cos I actually find it difficultto sleep in pads cos the move as I'm a restless sleeper and moves a lot in night.
    So there wouldn't really be bad to buy pads at same time as I wear them durin day.

    I just thought it would look better (for me) to buy the both together because if they ask I can just give the above excuse. Of course I would by other stuff to. Am just nervous about buying them. And no reasons to hide them to great depths as in a room on my own.

    Does this sound better than I had first explained it as I may not have explained it right?

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    You are buying them because you need them, don't worry about what other people think so much. I can guarantee you the 99% of folks who see you buying diapers are going to assume that you have a need for them and they'd be right. It's none of their business as to what the reason is that you need them, whether it be for comfort, coping, relaxation, sexual gratification the fact is that you have a need and that is why you are making the purchase. I don't see any reason however for you to have to throw someone off the scent so to speak because most off the time people are not going to assume that you have some ulterior motive for buying diapers.

    That fact is that in your mind you are making assumptions about what other people are thinking based off of an image that the society has projected on you that what you are doing is some how wrong. I like to call it "guilty conscience syndrome" but the fact of the matter is that it should really be called false guilt syndrome because there is nothing wrong with your reasons for buying them. It's just that you have been programed to think poorly of what younger doing so you assume that everyone knows your reasons for buying diapers and they feel poorly about it as well. This is not the truth however and you can break yourself of feeling this way too.

    I was the same way starting when I was a teenager, I always would come up with some reason that I could give for why I was buying diapers because I was worried and paranoid about what others would think about me. It was the same way when I started to wear more often and I had a real hard time wearing in public. I was convinced that everyone within ten miles could hear my diaper and see the tell-tale diaper bulge. After a while I started to read statistics about how many people are incon and not just the elderly either. I started to realize that in my entire life I have never once looked at a person and said, "oh that guys definitely got a diaper on" nor have I noticed a bulge or heard a diaper and that includes many elderly folks that I've known. Now reasonably speaking there could have been 5 or 10 people out of all the folks I've known over my life that wore diapers and I was completely aware of it.

    Even my wife was the same way when I first told her that I liked to wear diapers, she would get real nervous when we went out in public because she could hear my diaper. She was worried that if she heard it than so did everyone else too but I told her that she only heard it because she knew it was there. I knew this as a fact because I had worn a diaper around her on several occasions before I told her that I liked to wear them and she never heard anything then either. After I told her that she stopped worrying about it so much.

    You just have to realize that there is no reason for you to have to change the way you do things because you a worried about what others are or will be thinking about you because 99.9 times out of 100 they aren't thinking what you thought they were thinking. In my experience no one I know is aware that I wear diapers (except my wife of course) and if they do then they haven't bothered to ever bring it up and have not treated me any differently. So go buy your diapers with confidence and don't worry so much about having a story or a reason of explanation because more than likely they will be able to recognize that it's just a story than they would be able to figure out why you were buying diapers to begin with.

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    sounds good to me. But like as not you will not be asked anything

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    If I am ever asked why im buying which NEVER happened before. I would be tempted into just admitting the truth by just saying "Well, it's my preference for underwear."

    That or you could always feign bedwetting. Anyone knows diapers are better (see: faster) then dealing with rubber sheets or crap like that. Though this doesn't work if your a child and you use on your parents, don't do that.

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    Buying diapers and pads at the same time may actually get you more suspicion than if you were to just get diapers themselves. If you are going to a store, the best thing to do is simply buy the diapers and get out. Most cashiers don't care what you buy and will ring you up without any hassle. If they do ask you who they're for (which they shouldn't because it is against store policy in many places) just tell them that they're for grandparents or a younger sibling, or better yet, just tell them to mind their own business.
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    Nobody will ask you, so just go ahead and buy them If you look confident, nobody will think about it...

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    Thanks for all the replys. I have plenty of time to pluck up the courage to buy them.
    I am hoping to buy them in the local supermarket hoping I don't see anyone I know. I'll put plenty of stuff in my basket to cover them just in case. Fingures crossed

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    They shouldn't ask for whom or for what reason you are buying the diapers. I've never been asked when I have been purchasing any *B/DL items and were I to be asked I would tell the truth. Just to see the look on the cashier's face.

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