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Thread: Thickest Diaper Package (by Layering)

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    Default Thickest Diaper Package (by Layering)

    After some searching I came across a thread about layering diapers to create that super padded feeling. As it's closed here's another one.

    I discovered that quite a few people beat me with thickness of the diaper construct. However, as I perfected my procedure for creating a super thick diaper I think that I'm errr... getting pretty good at it.

    So here is my recipe:
    - Disposable (medium) with insert (Abena X-Plus, Forma Care X-Plus, Molicare Super Plus and Abri-Let Maxi, MoliNea or Lilpads) with an extra rolled-up Depend slip to prevent any swelling between my legs
    - Aichner 510 XS/S cotton diaper
    - AirOliver 1010 S cotton diaper
    - Aichner 512 M with Aichner insert
    - Noname all-in-one cotton diaper pants (very thick, think it's an L)
    - Aichner 510 XL/XXL
    - plastic pants (XXL).

    Now when I've a regular diaper with insert on my butt is about 102cm (40") but with all the extra diapers it's 125cm (49"). Since the last Aichner is on its smallest snaps I've ordered another one of those AirOliver cotton diapers, size XL. With that I hope to reach 128cm (50").

    My avatar shows an example of how that looks like beneath a dyneema tear-proof jumpsuit. With about half the cotton diapers...

    I wear this about once a week. Usually only the inner two reusables get wet. I don't take any other measures to ensure propagation of moisture outwards, the leakage at the legs takes care of that surprisingly well.

    Are there other techniques like this?

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    This is good information, and it's unique!

    Thanks for this post! I actually ordered $100 worth of diapers from XP medical last night, and this post helped me in choosing sizes/brands. (mind you, I went disposable instead of cloth, but the sizing helped).

    Nicely done.

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    Good to hear! I expect the new 1010s from Herr Weidlich (AirOliver) any time now and will update this topic with my findings.

    BTW- avatar's gone, seem to have an issue with the forum rules

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