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    Default Going crazy on vacation

    I am finally on vacation in FL just before school starts with my mom and uncle and I have no diapers. Ugh I have never told my mom about my ab/dl side but I am starting to think about doing it so I could get some.But I really don't want to, ugh I am going crazy.Can someone help me through this?

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    ...wouldn't telling your mom about your fetish while on vacation possibly ruin the vacation? Just stay frosty and you'll weather the withdrawals. Or you could tell her and then tell us what happened, either way is good with me.

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    I seriously advice you NOT to tell unless you really feel that you have to!
    If you tell, I predict many more bad things to happen than good ones.

    Just my

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    i wouldn't do it due to being on vacation ,just wait untill your home, also it depends on how you think your mum will react

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    For temporary relief, try stuffing a hand towel in your underwear and fake like your going #2 with the fan on. Of course don't return the towel to the rack, you should wash it.

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    Thanks guys I am only here for a week. I think if I can survive this I am going to buy myself some tranquilitys just as a treat

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