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    Default Hello all, new to the community and site

    Hey all, 24 year old guy here. I've been intrigued by ABDL for quite some time but wasn't sure how to get into it more. I think I fit into the daddy role more when it comes to this sort of thing. I'm naturally a pretty nurturing/protective person but being younger seems to kind of prohibit me from that role. Just looking to see what sort of role I fit best.

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    Hi Maphic,
    welcome to the group. can you tell us a little more about yourself, your interests and hobbies that sort of thing. you might also want to check out which will give you loads of useful information about writing for various forums, how some of things in Adisc work etc. As far as being a daddy, don't let age worry you. Being any form of caregiver is more a state of mind, yes you should know the basics, llike how to change a wet or messy nappy, how to feed a baby, bottle, cup, plate with knife and forks, but more imporantly it's how you do it and how you nurture your baby that is important. In the late 60's some child psychologists set up a series of eexperiments using baby monkeys. The babies had 2 fake mummy monkeys to choose from, one provided breats milk and other suitable foods, but had a hard, cold exterior, the other was warm, soft and hairy ro furry ( whichever it is that monkeys have). The psychologist expected the babies to choose the mummy that fed them, however about 98% of the babies choose the warm soft mummy, even when they hadn't been fed and were obviously hungry. So it' isn't necessarily about the physical side of caring, but that doers havie it's place and is paart and paarcel of what a AB/TB would expect. Just in case the thought of a messy nappy makes you want to throw up, the caregiver normally sets the ground rules. My internet mummy doesn't like messy nappies ( neither do I as it happens) so even in a virtual world mummy will change my wet nappy, and I go potty for anything else.

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