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Thread: New to the site and a little shy.

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    Default New to the site and a little shy.

    Hello everybody. I'm Jossilyn, and for those wondering no its not my real name. =)

    If you play video games on the internet you might have seen me running around, I'm a semi-rare species called a "girl-gamer". I'm here because I've been doing some soul searching lately and wondering "who exactly am I?". I have a lot of internal issues in my family and here is not the place to disscuss all of them.

    But as I was saying the main issue that brought me here is my bed wetting and being made to wear diapers when I was younger. My mom took me to the doctor and they gave me pills and I don't know if the pills actually did something or if I'm the victim of the placebo effect but I no longer wet the bed. During my soul searching however I came to realize those were some of the least stressful and happy times in my life and I'm clinging to it for as long as I can. So here I am =)

    A bit about me:

    I am a video game nut. I love all genre of game and if I had the money I would play all of them but sadly I am from a low, low income family and we barely make do. My current addictions are the Sims2, Minecraft, and Maplestory. I want to play portal and Magicka (cant remember how to spell it) and many more games.

    I am a furry. I have been since the end of middle school and I have several fursonas but my far favorite is "J" she is my swampland wolf and she is the one I use the most because essentially she is me. The others I love them but they are just my role playing fursonas.

    Um... *looks at cheat sheet*
    What I hope to gain from this site is a better sense of confidence and "I'm not the only one out there"-ness. And how to make a cloth diaper for a curvy girl that wont leak! lol

    Sorry for the massive wall of text I just wanted to give a good intro. Thank you for reading and I hope to have a good experience here. =D

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    Welcome to ADISC! Your intro was awesome

    ho ho I am part of this semi-rare species as well I used to play Sims 2 all the time but took a break from it to focus on studying. Now its Dragon Quest IX and Spiral Knights I hope this site well help you out. Its helped a curvy girl like me find good pacis and lots of good advice So I hope you'll have fun here and enjoy it as much as I do!

    Have a great time here,friend!
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    I heard Dragon Quest was good but I haven't had a chance to play it. What is your opinion? Do you like it? I've been debating on weather i should barrow a friends copy or not.

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    I love it honestly. The one I have is for the DS and you get to create your own character (which is something I love in most video games). All and all so far I think it's cute and awesome I just wish your characters face would react when something surprises you or something. I've also played Dragon Quest VIII for the PS2 and it's pretty awesome but I got stuck fighting the villain (can't tell if its the final battle or not) and when I look up walkthroughs they're like " keep trying" D:

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    I havent played any of them but I feel your frusteration. When I played though tales of the abyss the first time I for the life of me could not find out where to go next. So I looked at walk thoughs thinking mabye I was missing somthing to trigger an event and I went through like 4 of them before they said that I had to back track and get an item that I forgot to grab. It was one of those *those laptop at playstation* moments. XD

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    (I dont know how to edit post but I ment to say "throws" Sorry)

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    I know what you mean for Tales of the Abyss D: I used to play it often (Until I had to return it back to my friend) and I got stuck at parts mainly because I forgot to trigger an event or I stopped playing for a while and then was like "wait what?...oh."

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    Hey! Semi-rare species? Well, if you play S4 League we can play together :3

    Oh, to don't off-topic, welcome to the site haha, good introduction about yourself.

    Note : I don't play Sims 2.

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    Naw sorry. I havent played that before I'll have to go google it now. =)
    Thanks for the warm welcome by the way.

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    I know right? His synopsis/diary, in my oppinion anyway, made little sence so if you got addicted to somthing else or just got busy you wandered around like "what the heck was I doing last time?"

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    that's what I thought too! His synopsis rarely helped me xD I would have to like talk to other people and then slowly go "Ooooh yeah " I need to play that game again though since I never finished it~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jossilyn View Post
    If you play video games on the internet you might have seen me running around, I'm a semi-rare species called a "girl-gamer".
    Lies, girl-gamers don't exist =P. Welcome to the site, plenty of gamers around so shouldn't have a hard time fitting in. Sims 2 is/was a good game (though my disk is shot now xD) do you have any of the expansions for it? Or any custom content?

    Depending on the computer there are some decent (and sometimes) good MMO's out there, my favorite being Anarchy Online (dated graphics, and grindy if you go solo). What are some of your favorite games that aren't current addictions? =P

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