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Thread: What do you want out of being a babyfur/littlefur?

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    Default What do you want out of being a babyfur/littlefur?

    Just like the title says, what are YOU trying to get out of being a babyfur or littlefur. is it just comfort reasons, or something more? Do you like a certain aspect of it, or the whole section in general? Feel free to explain yourself right here.

    In my case, this is a coping mechanism. I originally came in here because I was bullied and such, then I started to really like it, cause it was comforting and relaxing. I've got some particular fancies inside the babyfur sect though. I found out I particularly like being embarrassed, as well as certain...messy situations. When I read babyfur stories, I like seeing foxes most often, and most often seeing their cunning used against them.

    There's more, but I'd have written a book by the time I was done.

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    I REALLY don't know... I think I just find it attractive, and it helps me reflect my personality through my fursona. And I'm not sure why, but the nicest people I know are babyfurs so I guess it has something to do with that =3

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    I like hugs and affection.
    I just got back from a party, and before I left I went around giving out free hugs and hugged EVERYONE (boys and girls who all suprisingly hugged me back!) except this one girl who likes me, she stood in the corner and didn't say anything. LOL

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    Only a littlefur/babyfur on these sites, otherwise I'm just a regular furry.

    It just blends with me being a TB and a furry.

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    Its not really what I want out of it its what I get out of being a Babyfur that I Love
    the thought of a cute padded furry baby animal created by the mind of an infantilist
    is just Awesome, I have a thing in which I Go Nuts over Cute Things. Like a little girl squealing over the cutest Puppy. (AWW! It's Sooo Cuuuute!!) Things like such can Drive me to the point to where I just become your biggest fan.. Tho It can get to a point to where I Just worship the cute being.
    I love being a babyfur cause I enjoy being cute myself, I get alot of enjoyment outta hanging with sweet & Cuddly things. also it goes with me being An AB and a DL..
    Thats all i know ATM :P

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    I Like being who i am, high energy giving out hugs & getting them back in return. the main reason why i chose to be a fur is because i wanted to escape to a reality that lets me be who i an not what i am, and not being hurt by others.

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    To be honest i never really thought about what i've gotten out of it, other than finding it quite interesting, although i usually dont go for cute, but then again i do have my moments :p

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    MM, seems everyone's got a good answer to this n.n

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    Hmm... comfort, cuteness, fantasy... I guess those three words explain it pretty well. It's a great way to blend different things. (*B/DL, Furry) When I was in elementary school, I used to get bullied a lot... called a baby, girl, whatever else. I guess it somehow imprinted into my mind and made me wish I was more like a baby in some ways. But then again, I didn't even want to be potty trained when I was little, so it's just a theory And furry-ness didn't come from school at all.... that pretty much came from video games. Eventually the two just ended up mixed together.

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