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Thread: hello from South Africa

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    Default hello from South Africa

    Hello used to be a lurker but have decided to become a full member.

    I live in south africa and I am in the navy. I am a adult baby/ diaper lover swinging more towards the baby side. I have a disorder of written expression witch means some times when I post there will be mistakes. I enjoy reading and playing games on my laptop and PS3. Hope to have fun here

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    good to have you on the site man!

    Welcome to adisc!

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    Hi Sob,
    and welcome to the group, just excuse e me a moment while I shoot Malix So apart from gaming is there anything else you are interested in apart for from the obvious, I'm assuming you are an ab ratrher than a tb as you're in the navy. How long have you been serving, I did 6 years with the UK Royal Marine Commandoes.

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    I have been in the Navy 2 year's(well 1 year 8 month's) now. Other interests include role playing, watching movies with my friends, going to the mall and history and politics. Yes I am a AB now but I was a TB once.

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    what sort of role play are you into? I used to do live roleplaying, dressing up and running around hills and woods chasing orks and similar bad things. Now it tends to be on-line games like Eve and Guildwars.

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    I like old school pen and paper (mainly D&D) . I have not been able to do that in awhile. I all so like my forum based role playing (I actually love them because there is no luck. If you one to shoot a zombie in the head you shoot him in the head). I have always wanted to do live action role playing.

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