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    Screw the bad economy and my lack of disposable income! To hell with the fact that I'm barely coordinated enough for the guitar! I'm going to learn how to play the hammered dulcimer because it's awesome like that and I need a new hobby anyway.

    So does anyone know ANYTHING at all about this instrument? Or, better yet, does anyone know how play this thing and have some tips for a newbie? I've figured a lot of stuff out by perusing youtube and google, and I know I can by one for between $200 and $300, which isn't terrible as far as instruments go, and I've heard/seen it played enough times that I have a general idea of how it works. But that's about all I'm good for in this department.

    Truth be told, half of me thinks this is a good, personally-enriching investment, but half of my thinks I'm blowing 200+ hard-earned dollars on something that'll just collect dust in the corner. Either way I'm pretty sure I'm going to do it, since you never know until you try, and the possibility of learning an instrument seems worth the risk of wasting some money.

    If you have no idea what this instrument is, here's a video:

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    Never played one but I like the sound. Has a very Asian/Indian sound to it.

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    Oh that looks awesome! I no nothing about playing it, sorry. As far as instruments go it is relatively cheap and while it is a substantial initial cost, the instrument is likely to last a long time with proper maintenance. It sounds like you are really into the instrument so I say go for it.

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    I'd never heard of this instrument before, but it sounds pretty neat. Any idea what country or area this instrument originally came from?

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    I recently picked up a beautiful 12/11 String custom made Hammered Dulcimer with a hard case and a set instructional of books for $75. It was an estate sale item of someone's father that passed away. The advantage to looking for unique folk instruments is that there can be a small market for them. If you haven't purchased one already, do considerable research, then scour Craigslist.

    In this economy, many are selling used instruments at 25% of their true value. If I should want to sell mine, I will ask a minimum of $350 US. Regarding learning to play the hammered dulcimer, there are many instructional CD's available (This is the route I am going as I do not have high speed DSL internet and YouTube is difficult).

    My next instrument acquisition will be a Celtic Harp. I would also like to get a Hurdy Gurdy (Listen to the intro soundtrack to the Carnival Mini Series).

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