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Thread: Am I crazy?

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    Default Am I crazy?

    This has probably been asked before, but has anyone ever worn a diaper to work? I was thinkin of wearing a goodnite to work one of these days.... I wanted to find out what everybody here thought first.

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    One, everybody's crazy in one way or another. Two, go for it!

    I'd say the security if the idea depends on what you do though...

    Good wearing!

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    Go for it, i've taken to school and in public countless time, and no one has noticed. A goodnites is not very noticeable. Just wear baggy pants and a long shirt ( if you can ). So go for it .... if you wanna. Good luck.

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    And no you are not crazy :P

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    I've worn a diaper to work once when I used to work. It really wasn't that noticeable. And because a goodnite is relatively thin, it'll be even less noticeable. So I say go for it if it's something you want to do

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    I never wore to work (when i used to that is, about a month ago, im being lazy and waiting to go to uni at the mo)
    but that was because i worked in a kitchen so its probably not the most hygienic thing to be doing.
    Ive worn to alot of other places though and around friends/family, its not noticable at all unless of course you push it past its limit. then the tell-tale wet patches will appear

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    Go for it, but don't wear anything that you wouldn't normally, else people will get suspicious. So if you don't think that what you normally wear would hide a diaper then don't.

    You're not crazy... Sorry, that's a lie, we're all crazy!

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    I've worn to work a bunch of times, both pullups and regular diapers. I found though, that wearing dark pants and a baggy shirt help conceal the bulk, reduce the chances of leaks being visible and muffle the sound of a plastic diaper. The idea of not having to run to a bathroom between getting there and lunch is quite nice too ;P

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    I've worn to work plenty of times, usually Abenas, Bambinos, or Dry 24/7. In fact, I actually used to keep about five diapers in one drawer of my desk for times when I felt like padding up after I'd gotten there or I needed a change and didn't bring enough in my bag that day (I say used to because today was my last day at the company). For reference, I worked at a Fortune 100 company, so it wasn't exactly the minor leagues, either. I've worn to departmental meetings, events, and just in the course of my day-to-day job duties.

    Tips: Wear dark pants, because khakis show really bad when you leak (ask me how I know). Wear a good diaper and make sure you keep tabs on how wet it is so you can change (obvious, but much more imperative at work, as it's considerably more of a thing if you leak at work versus if you leak at a friends' or at the store). Consider wearing plastic pants over them as an added layer of protection.

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    I've certainly considered wearing a diaper to work, but I might have to break with tradition and get an adult one if I ever decide to go through with it. That, or at least something unscented. (It would be rather difficult to ignore the smell of Pampers where I work!) I don't know if I'd have the courage to wet at work, though, even in a properly-fitted adult diaper. As often as I wear and wet at home, my bladder is still a bit diaper-shy, so I can't imagine what it would be like at work! ...and carrying an emergency change of clothes in the car might not be a bad idea either!

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    Incon people manage just fine wearing diapers to work. It's really no big deal, but make sure you have a good idea of what's in store for you, because you may not enjoy it as much as you think you will. If you're going to be physically active, for example, it'll get yucky pretty fast, and it isn't always easy to discreetly change at work and hide the evidence. It has its pros and its cons, but there have definitely been a few times where I've worn to work and ended up thinking to myself, "what I wouldn't give to get out this thing!"

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