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Thread: Hi there everybody!

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    Default Hi there everybody!

    Greetings everyone!

    My name is Sean, and I'm 17 years old. I've been lurking on this website for a few weeks, and I've finally decided it's time to join.

    First off I am a TB, and I have had an interest in diapers since at least second grade (at least that's as far as I can remember). I am not really sure how this interest started or why, but I can say that I am glad it happened for it has had a largely positive impact on my life thus far.

    I guess the main reason why I joined this site is because I find security in the fact that there is an entire community with similar interests to mine, and I would also be interested in just getting to talk to some of you fine folks around here .

    My hobbies include drawing; I am still a student, but I am fairly decent as an artist and I'm able to draw/paint almost anything that I can think of. I love video games, and my top three favorites are Bioshock, Dead Space 2, and Mercenaries POD; in no particular order. I also absolutely love cartoons, my two favorites being Rugrats and Regular Show.

    I am also a big music fan, I mostly enjoy techno oriented music (one of the reasons how I came up with my name), but I also enjoy metal and some classic rock as well.

    Some other extra interests are aviation, military related subjects/paraphernalia (especially WWI & WWII), I am a bit of a history buff, auto mechanics, and lastly space and space exploration.

    And finally, one more little tidbit, I am a member of the furry fandom, and that little guy up there in my avatar is my fursona, Vincent the fox.

    So uh, that's about it. Sorry for the long intro, but I'm just excited to finally be a part of this site. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll do my best to not be shy .

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    Hi Sean,
    welcome to the group and don't worry about the long intro it,s nice to have the extra info, makes you more of a person rather than just the 'I'm an ab' type of intro. There are plenty of people to talk to and lots of different forums with literraly hundreds of threads, so jump in and enjoy.

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    Thank you for the welcoming response. I'm just generally a shy person, and I'm not used to introducing myself, so naturally I was a little worried. But fortunately the community around here seems warm and welcoming, I shouldn't have too much trouble fitting in .

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    Welcome to the site!
    Glad you have already found this community to be welcoming

    Which console do you play your games on, and also how would you rate Dead Space 2 overall? I played the demo, and thought that was fairly fun.. was considering buying it.

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    Hello Tailz, thank you for replying!

    I mainly do all of my gaming on my Xbox 360, but I have an old PS2 that I use from time to time.

    All in all I would give Dead Space 2 a very solid review, mainly because it kept many elements from the original the same, while making others more powerful (melee, telekinesis, enemies swarm more often, ect.) If you have the money I would definitely suggest picking up a copy, or at least renting it.

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    Thanks for the welcome .

    This avatar was actually commissioned by a buddy as a present a few months ago. Gotta love friends!
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    Hi. Always great to see another space fan. I'm an older DL, thats a gamer and and metal. Your intro was the kind that is appreciated.

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    Hi there Odl9791, nice to meet you!

    It's always been a dream of mine since I was very little to go up into space and see what zero gravity feels like, even today I still feel like I can make that dream a possibility if I try hard enough.

    Always nice to meet another metal head, who are your favorite bands?

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    Auto mechanics eh? Feel like working on a '78 Continental?

    Anyways, welcome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by xbabyx View Post
    Auto mechanics eh? Feel like working on a '78 Continental?

    Anyways, welcome!
    Thanks for the welcome!

    Seeing as I'm still a student in my AM class, I'd probably do more harm than good.

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