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Thread: Music on wii

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    Default Music on wii

    Have you ever wanted to have music on your wii?

    Well there's a really easy way to get music, all you need is Itunes, a usb SD card drive, and an SD card.

    Find all the music you want and put it into Itunes, then highlight it all, right click it and press convert to AAC.

    Once your finished copy all of that music to your SD card, to do this go to all music, search for the songs you just converted, and figure out which is the new one and copy paste it to your SD card, make sure you also have at least 1 picture on your card.

    Stick you SD card into your wii and go to the photo channel.

    Play a slideshow, click A and go to change settings, then music, then all AAC files, or any other files =D.

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    ahhh omg you rock i just got my wii working again =D
    very helpful thanks

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    no problem =D, I've been trying to find an M4A converter forever, and just learned today that you can use Itunes to convert music.

    I think Nintendos update from MP3 was a really stupid idea =/ I would play music all the time on my wii if it was MP3 =D.

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    haha i well i have a imode speaker sytem for me ipod i usully put the t.v on mute and ckrank up the music =D

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    I did this the very first week I got my Wii. Anyways there is TWO different version of Photo Channel. The first one used MP3's in slide shows, the 2nd uses the AAC format. The 2nd one also does not support MP3 format.

    Also Excite Truck can play music from the SD card while you are racing in MP3 format. Same thing with Endless Ocean tough in Endless Ocean you must go back to your boat to switch songs. The song playing underwater will be stuck on repeat I hear.

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    I don't see the point in listening to your music on your Wii when you got a computer and possibly an iPod/MP3 Player.

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    Fire there are 2 different versions but wii is stupid and took off the original even though everyone in the world uses MP3 pretty much =/.

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    Why didn't they just add a music channel? I don't see any real reason for that.

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    Because Nintendo doesn't listen to their customers EVER. It's really quite annoying, I bet every single person who has a wii wants a music channel, what does nintendo do? Make it harder to put music on your Wii =/.

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