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  • Online (Delivered home)

    22 37.93%
  • Online (Delivered to a pickup point)

    1 1.72%
  • Store (Locally)

    20 34.48%
  • Store (Far away)

    2 3.45%
  • Both (Delivered Home and buying locally)

    7 12.07%
  • Both (Delivered to a pickup point and buying far away)

    3 5.17%
  • Both (Delivered home and buying far away)

    1 1.72%
  • Both (Delivered to a pickup point and buying locally)

    2 3.45%
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Thread: buying location (read post first)

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    Default buying location (read post first)

    I'm just curious where people get their supplies.

    For the purpose of this poll: Home is wherever you live at least some of the year. for online when you do both home delivered and pickup, pick the home delivered option. For shop if you do both local and far chose the local option

    If you could post and put down your housing situation it would add that much more information. (housing information I mean: I live at home with parents. or eg. live alone, live with knowing/accepting wife, live with not knowing housemates)

    I personally get mine online and just deliver them home. Home with knowing (unhappy but semi-)accepting parents.
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    I don't see a poll

    I only order online when I can get them delivered to my school address because my parents have no way of knowing what I order there if I use prepaid cards. My school also holds the packages for me and signs for them making it incredibly easy to order diapers as long as I can get them back to my vehicle without getting caught by friends, hahaha.

    For shopping I just avoid my home town since I assume that I won't run into anyone who will both ID me and remember it with a high frequency.

    Live @ home with parents on school break.
    Parents know I have a teddy/paci but afaik don't know any more about it.

    Live @ school during semester. Had no roomie last semester, will have 3 roomies this semester. Wore whenever I wanted to last semester. Unlikely to wear around my dorm this year.

    Isn't there an option to allow multiple polls so you don't need 18000 categories?

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    I buy entirely online and have them delivered to my address.
    I have my own place so there is no fear of being caught now.

    Also: Where's the poll?

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    the poll takes a minute to make and it posts the thread before you do. Try again.

    @kwis: no, I would have done that otherwise. :P still would have needed 6.

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    I buy online and get delivered at home. My parents know enough about it so that it's no big deal if they guess what's in the box.

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    online and delivered to home as my area has no decent IC products and its normally the parents who open the door to those guys and they know it can be one of 4 things (diapers, baby things, college stuff or sheet music)

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    I lived in a shared house. So I tend to order them here on line and get them to arrive when no one is in. This generally stops them asking "what's that delivery you got?". As they usually show off everything they get. We get a lot of stuff in the post over time. I also like next day delivery, So I don't have to think too far in advance. But it doesn't eliminate all doubt that no one will be in.

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    I buy my diapers online and locally at the store too. I normally look to see if Walgreens has diapers on sale and buy them there. When I buy them online I normally have them delivered to the apartment office where I live. This has had a few embarrassing moments though. I ordered a case of Attends a few years back and when they showed up and the case had came open and one of the bags of diapers was laying out and on top of the well marked cardboard box. I don't remember where I ordered them from but have not ordered form them since. For my diaper orders I order mostly from North Shore Care and Supply. They like I have said before deliver quickly and discreetly.

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    I order all of mine online, but I'm rarely in when they try to deliver, so I usually end up having to pick them up from the local depot, which is a few miles away. There's nothing in the stores that remotely compares to what you can buy online.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akastus View Post
    There's nothing in the stores that remotely compares to what you can buy online.
    I second that: the diapers you can order online are an order of magnitude better than what's available in stores.

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