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    I haven't bought anything online yet, but I have decided what I want (Dry 24/7, Abena Abriform Xplus, Molicare, and Abena Abri-flex) and I plan on buying samples of them from XP Medical. Is it a good online distributor? What are the best online distributors in terms of discreetness, price, and fast shipping?

    Also, just for fun, what is your favorite online store for diapers?

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    XP is pretty much tops that I can see in all those areas

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    I have only used one online store. And my opinion, you can't go wrong by XP Medical. I can't say about any other store because I've never bought from anyone but xp. I've bought from them several times. Shipping has always been really fast. Packaging has always been in plain brown boxes. All the label has on it is xp. There is no way anyone can know what you have ordered. I have no complaints at all with them. Im pretty sure they have all the products you listed also. Good luck on your purchases!

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    I have never ordered from XP medical but from what I have heard they are very good. If you are interested I have Ordered from bambino in the past and was very impressed both with product quality and speed of shipping. I ordered diapers from them while in military school so they are very They are a little pricey but worth it if you can order in bulk. Maybe somebody else can help you with specific info on XP.

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    I've used XP exclusively for the last three or four years. Quick delivery (usually arrive in two business days), lowest prices.

    I buy 200 to 300 diapers a year. I've tried all the non-fetish sites. The best have been Duraline, Magic Medical, and XP. Duraline is particularly good if you need someone to help you.

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    Wonderful! By the way, I've never actually ordered anything online before. I'm thinking of getting a pre-paid visa card to order things. Would that work?

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    Yeah XPmedical is defently one of the top sites for diapers in my opinion

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    XP is definatly tops! North Shore Care is real good too and carries a few brands XP doesent.

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    I've ordered from bambino, xpmedical, abuniverse. All three have discrete shipping and billing. Some here have had negative experiences with ABU but no problems here. Prices are similar with all three. Pay attention to shipping, many places have free shipping on cases.

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    Its pretty hard to be xp. Good prices, good service and fast shipping.

    What more can i say.

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