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Thread: my bed wetting problem is back.

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    Default my bed wetting problem is back.

    OK every so offhand I start having bed wetting problems. I would wet the bed every night for a week or two than it stops than in a month or two it starts back up again. I didn't mind it win I whas living on my own but now that I share a bed with my wife it embarrassing. She said that she don't mind it that's it's some thing I can't help but still I fill like it's not fair to her. I send dockers about it but they say there's nothing wrong with me. My casler say it may be caused by satirise.
    I would like to her from some one that marred or shar a bed with some one. it would mack me full badder knowing some one knowing how I fill

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    Umm I don't want to be "that guy" but your post is really difficult to read.

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    I want to be of help, but I have no idea what you are saying in your last three sentences.

    If your wife is ok with your issue than I would leave it at that. Maybe you should wear protection to bed just in case, especially if it is psychological and not physical. Wearing protection is the best you can do for her so she does not roll over into wet sheets. Past that, there is not much else you can do that you have not already done.

    My fiance has not had to have me wet myself at night, but she knows it is something that we will be dealing with. Take heart in knowing your wife supports you no matter what

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    thanks. sorry for my spelling haerd day at work. I'll try haerder. I do wear protection but having trubill finding a diaper that wont leak.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt1989 View Post
    thanks. sorry for my spelling haerd day at work. I'll try haerder. I do wear protection but having trubill finding a diaper that wont leak.
    From what I've heard from other people here with night time IC, wearing these over a disposable helps;

    Babykins: KINS Terry Lined Waterproof Pants

    Also, have you tried one of heavier duty disposables specifically targeted at night time us, like Abena S/M/L4s or Molicares? Although I'm not IC, I wear the Abena M4 during the day sometimes and they can stand up to some really heavy wetting!

    Hope this helps

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    I have try some heavy duty diaper the thing is I like to sleep on my side so may be some plastk pants would help . thanks.

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    Hi. I am married and work hard to stop my bed-wetting affecting my wife - good quality protection and a disposable under-pad mean that in the last 5 years she has not had to endure wetness from my leakage. I find that most nights the diaper is sufficient (I use maximum capacity ones and put them on carefully so they can contain large "floodings". Most mornings i am awake first and hide the evidence - put the pad away if unused and change into a fresh diaper. We used to be a bit tentative about discussing all this - but we are both habituated to the situation and because I try not to make things obvious or "in her face", we rarely have to talk about it now. The other area where I am careful is about disposing of used diapers carefully - in sealed airtight bags so the rubbish bin does not smell.

    If I was more disabled and had to rely on my wife for personal care things might be different - but I hope we would still cope.

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    thank you dayannight it mack's me fill badder knowing others out Thar that knows what I'm going throw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matt1989 View Post
    I do wear protection but having trubill finding a diaper that wont leak.
    Have you tried using a condom catheter? They fit over the penis like a condom and drain into a container.

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    Another thing you can do is try to find out what is common on the days you have issues with bet wetting.

    For instance rough days at work, or something that causes you more stress. Some foods can trigger bed wetting, also large amounts of fluids like coffee, teas, and soda.

    If you can find a common trigger then maybe you can talk to your doctor about ways to prevent those issues from happening.

    As for the "protection" try Dry24/7, TranquilityATN, Molicare Super Plus, Tena, and Abena as well as the plastic pants. Those should help keep the leakage down specially if you sleep on your side

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