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Thread: US East Coast retailers?

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    Default US East Coast retailers?

    I order everything online, but it seems like everyone, Bambino, XP, ABU, etc are on the west coast which means shipping to me is at least 5 days. Is there any retailer on the east coast who has the same reliability/discreteness as Bambino/XP as well as the variety? In particular I want to order some samples of some brands I have never used but don't want to wait too long. I'm not looking for any brands in particular, just things I haven't tried which includes everything but Abena X-Plus, Molicare Super Plus, Dry 24/7 and ATNs.

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    I'd just like to make the point that if instead of making this thread and waiting for feedback you ordered from an XP or something like then then you would probably get samples on the same day IF you happened to find an east coast retailer.

    Otherwise you just push your order back by some number of days.

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    Yeah, but that only solves the problem once. If I find a good east coast retailer then that solves the problem in the future as well.

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    B4NS is a good retailer, and American orders ship from Boston, so you'd probably get your order quickly. However, they do not have sample packs... And right now they are out of most Bambino diapers... Other than that, they are totally discrete in my experience. And my orders usually arrive within 2 days! (I live in Canada, and they ship out of Montreal for Canadian orders)

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    Do you wait until the last diaper to order? You should generally keep a month's buffer of diapers between your orders so that the time is inconsequential. If you have need of hiding the diapers the same method should hold true of ordering small packs when you get down to the last three to four diapers.

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    Give North Shore Care and Supply a try. They are located near Chicago here in the Midwest. They deliver quickly and discreetly and have a good selection too!!!!! Good luck with your choice.

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    Thanks for the helpful replies. I have ordered from Northshore before. They're great especially if you order through Amazon and have Prime. They don't offer samples though. It seems that's not something a lot of places do. I also wish Northshore had more variety.

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    I have noticed that most places that keep a variety of diapers do a bulk sample pack of one of each of their diapers they keep on hand. It's just that sometimes you will have to call or email them to order the sample packs.

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    I ordered Tena Super Brief from Vitality Medical and they shipped from Cranbury NJ. So, it took one day to get to me in north NJ. I ordered undergarments in the past and they took the usual four days. They also frequently have 15% to 20% off.

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    Is it really that big a deal? I mean, you're talking about a difference of a couple of days. This is hardly prohibitive. But if you're really that impatient, just overnight it and fork over the extra cash.

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