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Thread: Has anyone noticed...

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    Default Has anyone noticed...

    Diapered Anime didnot come up yesterday and has fallen out of Google's search engine this morning? Anyone know what's going on?

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    Maybe they finally ran out of money. Thy were pushing the fundraising pretty hard last time I was there.

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    Yeah, that's what I am thinkin' too. I hate to see them go, some of the art work was OK.

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    I would agree with that. The unreilabilty was one reason I left. But last night I was able to get on for a bit and look at the manga they offered. And it seems the site is not completely down. I say technical difficulties. You can also email them. They reply quiet fast with answers.

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    wow I just did a search and I can't find them. There was good art on there too~

    Though I used to be a member (before I found this place) and I was kind of annoyed that if I posted too much the mods had to view it and my responses would never reach the thread. :/ So it's sad but kind of a shrug of the shoulders for me.

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    It's back up today.

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