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    Hey all

    I need some advice. I had been looking for a mommy for awhile and I've found one. But I'm not sure if I should let her because I've been back and forth on whether I like diapers or if I just wanna b an average Joe. Anyways she wants to go all out and idk what i should do and I'm open to any and all ideas/ suggestions

    Thanks again

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    TELL HER...

    Basically everything you just said. Tell that to her. Let her know that you are not sure about all of this and that you want to take it slow. Also, it might be a good idea to develop a 'real' relationship with her before going straight to the baby/mommy role, if you have not done that already. That way if this does happen to be 'just a phase' (even though we all know it rarely is) you have a real relationship to fall back on. Whether that relationship is just a friendship or something more, if you base it just on diapers and babying it probably won't last.

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    I doubt the whole "average Joe" thing is very likely but that certainly doesn't mean you shouldn't take things slower if you need to. What you're talking about is something that could be very meaningful and enjoyable for the both of you but you should both be on the same wavelength about it and if she really cares for you, she'd want you to be comfortable about the whole thing and ready to interact with you on multiple levels and not just the mommy/baby one.

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    Yep, definitely talk to her about how you're feeling. Even if you still wear diapers and/or have her baby you, there's no reason why you can't be an average Joe the rest of the time. Being an ABDL is not an all-or-nothing proposition.

    But yeah, talk to her, and I'm sure you'll find a balance where you can be as much average Joe and baby as you care to.

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    Like the others side, nothing is wrong with talking to her about your feelings. Personally, I like a relationship to be built on multiple aspect instead of one thing. One object relationships never seem to last long.

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    You have everything already in line for whatever you desire, just be as open as possible and make sure that you be HONEST. That is the key to success with such an open minded partner.

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    I certainly would encourage you to try new experiences and such, but it is important, especially going into a relationship such as having a moment, to set expectations and keep the lines of communication open. Try as though you might, you can't always BE a "baby", real life has a way of rearing it's ugly head, so it is important to talk to your mates/mommies/daddies/spouses etc about your feelings when your in that adult mindset. I guess the bottom line is, give it a try, but talk about your reservations ahead of time.

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