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    Cool Hello I'm Gadget

    Well I think it's about time I finaly write a little about myself on here. My name is Greg but everyone around me knows me by Gadget. Long story short is that if I put my mind to something I can get it done or come up with an idea about something. I am currently 28 for a couple more months. I live in Big Lake, MN. I am a 9 year Army Combat Veteran that is disabled. I was in Iraq twice, (03-04 OIF1)(05-06 OIF3) and have P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) from it. I also have disc herniation at t5 and t6 and nerve damage and dislocating discs at t11 and t12. I have neurogenic bladder and bowel (incontinence) syndrome from a car wreck I was in back in 06. I am currently a storm chaser for fun (volunteer storm spotter for the NWS and Co. Sheriff's Dept.) that I am the director of our county's group. I got into the AB side of things to help cope with the incontinence issues that I have. I am open to talk to anyone about anything. Sorry about the long post but that is a little about me and if you would like to know more feel free to message me.

    My wife is also a member on here now and her SN is LittleGurlLaic.

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    Hey, welcome to adisc Gadget!

    I'm sorry you got hurt, but thanks for serving your country.

    Stormchasing huh? Sounds scary! I've always loved thunder storms, but tornados just arent for me :P

    adisc is a really good source to get information on how to cope with life as "one of us!"

    I really hope you enjoy the site, most of us are really friendly, so make some buddies!

    with hope

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    WOW! You have probably one of the best Intro's i have ever seen. (From my viewpoint).

    First off, you get points for serving. (+10)
    Then points for being injured in the line of duty (+8)
    Points for accepting your AB side (+5)
    Points for chasing storms (something i always wanted to do) (+3)
    And points for helping warn others of dangerous strorms (+4)

    That is like 30pts already!!

    Welcome to Adisc.

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    Well thanks for the extra points there ABalex. I love storm chasing. My parents did it when I was about 5 when they were on a fire department in SD. I went to the class then and got my license then and have been at it since then. Its fun and exilerating at the same time . I just wish I could do be a firefighter again but with my back injury I can't really do it. Had done it for 3.5 years down in GA.

    Malex as far as learning how to cope my wife helps with that and treats my like her baby at times and I do it to her at times. I have come to find it is easyer to accept having to wear diapers and have fun with them then to shun them and hide from everyone.

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    AND FIREFIGHTER POINTS!!! (+ i dunno, let's say 7)

    So how does being a storm chaser really work? I have always wondered, i am fascinated, yet terrified of tornadic storms.

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    Well you have spotters that watch the storms from where they are at that time. Then you have the Chasers that go to the storms and follow them as they go. I'll have to take some pics of the truck and post them. It looks like a porkypine with all the antennas on top.[COLOR="Silver"]

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