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    A friend over on another forum linked me over here, and, while I've been here before I thought I should go ahead and make a real account and stop sucking so bad.

    So sup, I'm Badgers.
    I'm a moogle.
    I like root beer and licorice.

    ...That's about it.

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    Sports no, I'm tiny and frail. But I love watching soccer (Can't wait for the next world cup!~).
    As for music I'll listen to anything that isn't rap. Even new-age hipster folk song techo operas. :V

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    What kind of licorice? I like the red but hate the black. What country(s) or clubs do you root for in soccer?

    I'm new here myself, so welcome from a fellow new person!

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    Pff, everyone hates the black stuff. But it's my favorite. I like the anise oil because it helps with my toothaches, and since it's so chewy it gives me an oral fixation (i.e. how I quit smoking~). >.>

    And in the World Cup I generally root for Poland (I'm American and root for the U.S. as well but...most of my family is Polish and I just have stronger ties to Poland than the U.S.). N-not that we've been doing very well. Polish is the only ethnicity defined by sheer stupidity and bad luck. ;A; I guess it just leaks around into our football team.

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    Well given your choices in teams I'd say you must not like to see winning. :P

    Good for you for quitting smoking, normally I'd say quitting is for suckers, but that's only because I'm a slave to nicotine. I also live in Texas, and hate that I smoke every day that it's over a hundred degrees...which is a lot of days recently.

    I have run out of banter, so I close with another welcome and a compliment on your avatar which is very adorable. You have yourself a fine day Badgers.

    Go Italy BTW!

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