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Thread: Any one here watch sesame street

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    Default Any one here watch sesame street

    I do. I kinda liked it better back in the late 70's early 80's when i was a kid. On the official web site they have all kinds of adult clothing. i have bought a few things there i even own a few plushies.

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    Cool I will check the site out I recently bought the 40 year anniversary DVD set i love it

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    Yeah; yet I'll take the pre-Elmo run any day. Joe Raposo's music in those old films never fails to have me on my feet, dancing along with such finesse!

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    I watched this growing up in the 90's I adored cookie monster (because I love cookies <3) and also loved Rosita because I really associated with her since I was new to America at the time and it was a spanish speaking muppet

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    I watched Sesame Street when I was little, but can't really seem to enjoy it anymore to be honest. o.o In spite of being an AB, I prefer cartoons and/or series directed at slightly older kids. =P

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