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Thread: For Those Who Are Afraid to Buy and Wear In Public

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    Default For Those Who Are Afraid to Buy and Wear In Public

    For those who are afraid to buy and wear in public, I have a bit of advice.

    First, I'll share a story for those who are afraid to buy. I was able to buy a package of goodnites in a grocery store I don't know, in a town I don't know, in a state I don't know. If I was able to buy diapers in Virginia when I live in Florida, there is a good chance you can buy diapers in your own town. Now, I don't know everyone's situation, and I don't mean to offend, because it may very well be impossible to obtain diapers from a store. Now before I continue on about how you can obtain diapers, I need to get a few things out of the way.

    NEVER steal diapers. Stealing is wrong. No exception. If you don't have the money for diapers, you ain't gettin' any.
    NEVER fake wetting or messing accidents to obtain diapers. There are probably hundreds of threads about this, so look it up if you want to know why.
    ALWAYS plan ahead. I mean ALWAYS.

    When buying diapers, as I said above, always plan ahead. If you don't you can find yourself in a very sticky situation, and might just get caught by your parents, or worse, a classmate from your school. So plan ahead like this..
    Plan how to get there, if your 16 you can just drive.
    Plan how to get the diapers from the shelf to the checkout without anyone seeing.
    Plan how to buy these, and then get them to a hiding place on your way home.
    Plan on a hiding place at home.
    Plan on a method of disposal.

    If this plan is something that seems doable, then by all means go ahead with it, but only if you believe you're ready. You need to have a bit of confidence in yourself, and be able to throw on a poker face to any strange looks that people might give you.

    Now, about wearing in public, I will continue on with my story. For the last two days of my trip I have been wearing goodnites under my clothing, in front of my parents. Even now as I type these words, I am lying in pull-out couch bed, wearing a goodnite under my briefs and sleep-pants, while both my mom and dad sit at a table not 10 feet away. So for those who don't think it's possible, trust me. It is.

    Wearing in public is much easier then buying. To wear in public, you just need to have a few things in mind.
    1. NO ONE knows that you are wearing, so don't get nervous. When you get nervous, and people can see it, they'll start looking for something that you could be nervous about, and it just might be that bulge in your pants.
    2. Don't wet it unless you have a change, or know you can dispose of it, and NEVER mess in public unless you have worn many times in public, and have a change ready. Now, people can argue about this, but it is just my opinion.
    3. Stay calm and relax.

    To wear in public, you first need to make sure that the bulge from your diapers does not show much in your pants. It is ok to have some bulge, because most people won't notice, and even less with give it some thought. When your dressed, walk in your room a bit, make sure there's no obvious crinkle. Again, some crinkle is ok, because it can be drowned out by the background noise of most places. Now when your in public, do your best to not get worried about wearing. From the many times I have worn in public, I have never gotten caught. No one has even really batted an eye at me. So calm down and relax, no one knows your wearing, and you have no reason to give people evidence that you are wearing.

    I hope this helped people who are having trouble with these two problems, and if you have a specific scenario you would like to talk to me about in private feel free to PM me, because I am always here to help those in need. Best of luck to all those who are having these problems, and I hope it all works out in the long-run.

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    Pretty well laid out and very informative.

    I do have reason to believe that this SHOULD become an article. So I am going to nominate this to become such.

    All the best!

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    What a fantastic, kind, and smart post! I think many TBDL people, including myself, will find this post helpful.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauiman View Post
    I do have reason to believe that this SHOULD become an article. So I am going to nominate this to become such.
    I think so too, this is gonna help alot of people

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    While this is a good post, it does not really lend itself towards becoming an article.

    It's not only too short, but half of it is redundant with our existing, much longer article on wearing in public. While I note that the topic "Aquiring Diapers in Person" is up for grabs in the Articles Requests Thread, what's here isn't really substantive enough to be the core of that topic. Finally, as a whole, the post is more of a series of loosely connected tips than a coherent, well-organized and detailed article.

    While I'm grateful that people are on the lookout for good content with article potential, and I'm always happy to work with anyone who'd like to take on an article topic, I'm going to have to come out against making this particular post into an article.

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