I know there have been a few reviews of these diapers but I'd just like to add my opinion to the mix.

These diapers are in no way or form a premium brand. In fact from what I can see from the design they are probably using the brand 'Tender Form' or something similar and sticking some baby print plastic on them. (These retail for 6 GBP for a pack of 15) I'd certainly say for people to avoid them if you like to have some bulk to your diaper as they are far too thin. They also obviously don't absorb that much.

Then again they are white and the plastic is quite thick but there are many diapers out there that are a lot cheaper that offer these things. All in all I'd say that I've been diddled a little by cuddlz and I hope at some point they bring back the old diapers they were using as they were aparently quite good.