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    I was wondering, if there were others like me who remember fondly, the 1985 Sesame Street movie, Follow That Bird. I actually, have it on DVD and it's one I like to watch regularly.

    For me, that movie was a classic of my childhood. I remember going to see it in August, 1985 with my dad and my sister at the theatre. It remains a favorite of mine because I remember seeing that movie as a kid and I remember it as one of the few times my father was willing to take me and my sister to a movie. Those chores usually fell upon my aunts instead of my parents.

    I just watched this classic again, and I was wondering if I was not alone in remembering this one.


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    I don't remember that one. But i had the Sesame Street: bedtime stories VHS and had to play it every night before bed. That tape was so wore out. I think my parents still have it somewhere.

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    I've never watched the whole thing, but my wife had it on video for her (real) kids when she was married the first time. It got stolen

    The bit she talks about most often is in the video below - the Grouch restaurant scene with "tossed salad":



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    I've checked it out of the library a couple of times as a kid.

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