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    Default Cool alert diapers

    What do the cool alert diapers feel like? Would an icecube down the front of your diaper feel the same?

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    Kinda like the feeling of rubbing alcohol evaporating off your skin. Maybe a bit cooler.

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    If there is any cool sensation it is very subtle. I have used them as stuffers and any coolness has never overpowered the warmth of the pee though I am sure it probably works better on the toddlers it is aimed at.

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    That sounds like a potential major skin irritation for anyone with sensitive skin.

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    They work awesome for me. I pee little amounts though. (small bladder). If you have a normal sized one then you may not feel anything.

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    What could you put on a normal diaper to simulate it?

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    Cool alert sounds horrible...Isn't the warmness one of the biggest pluses of using diapers in the first place?

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    Quote Originally Posted by a1797 View Post
    What could you put on a normal diaper to simulate it?
    If you could find a source of sorbitol you could try it. I have heard it is an OTC laxative.

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