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Thread: Thrush diaper rash in adults

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    Default Thrush diaper rash in adults

    Every couple of years, I end up getting a rally nasty thrush diaper rash. The itching and the discomfort is enough to drive one insane.

    Has anyone here have had the misfortune getting such a rash?

    Does anyone know to prevent a thrush diaper rash?

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    Here is the web md on thrush
    Some people get thrush when they take certain medicines, such as antibiotics or inhaled corticosteroids. People who have health problems, such as diabetes or HIV, are also more likely to get thrush.

    Other than that, just clean clean clean. Try to take baths and scrub your diaper area thoroughly. Bacteria is not your friend. Taking a bath like this once a week in addition to your habits might help. Also shaving the area (not now of course) can help minimize the the growth of bacteria as hair follicles are nasty breeding grounds. I hope that helps

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    See a doctor. In my inexpert opinion, it is not likely to be thrush unless your immune system is compromised. However, a doctor will be able to diagnose it and prescribe something that will probably work faster than over the counter ointments or other home remedies.

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    Not to nit-pick, however "... Candidiasis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Thrush refers to the ORAL (mouth) fungal infection OF (usually Candida albicans)...not to diaper/other rashes/infections.

    Candida albicans, or other forms of candida (yeast/fungal) infections occur in other areas of the body too...and have different names for such. Please note that if you do in fact have this type of may be at risk for a systemic (internal/body) fungal infection...if left untreated.

    Have you recently finished, or are you now taking antibiotics? If you don't have a compromised immune system...antibiotics can leave the body susceptible to fungal infections as well.

    Here is a comprehensive rash list as an example...

    Diaper Rash - Causes, Types, Treatments & Prevention being an adult, you won't generally have this degree of sensitivities...i.e. can probably use many available cleansers/body-wash...not the highly fragrant...dove would be good in most cases. Diet is another thing to consider.

    Once you are cleared up...check out the various 'barrier' cremes to prevent another bout. If you are IC, get as much 'air' time between change, and clean night (bedtime) use a couple bed-pads (water-proof on the back) and drape large beach/bath towels over you to help get more air to help heal a rash while you sleep too.

    If you are 'messing' on purpose...stop for now! And anytime you have irritation of the diaper area...and while on antibiotics...I could explain much of this to you, but please look it, or other search engine things like "forms of diaper rash", "candida", etc... ask a doctor...

    Blisters, fever? May need to go to clinic.


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    Thanks for the replies.

    I don't have a shower so I slip in the bathtub every morning. I work in a controlled environment room and having flake free skin is a must.

    I do keep my diaper area shaved. My wife actually likes it that way.

    I do have type two diabetes, but I have never thought that my immune system was compromised. I guess I might be wrong.With that in mind, I did make a doctors appointment today.

    I'll keep you updated.


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    Just as an aside with the candida infections, they are definitely seen in a wide range of patients with and without immunodeficiencies if there is some unusually moist/damp area, so diapers could cause that, or more commonly we see it in obese patients between folds of fatty tissues.

    As far as the diabetes, due to some of the effects of the extra sugar in the blood certain cells and receptors which help the body fight off infections can basically get extra sugar molecules attached which don't allow them to work as well. While people with poorly controlled diabetes might have more severe problems, this can be present even if you have great glycemic control.

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    I wonder if you can buy some sort of anti-yeast and anti-fungal ointment as a preventive measure? Since you have thrush, only a doctor can help, but obviously you also want a preventive strategy. I wish you the best.

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    There is a problem with OTC medications, that being if you don't know exactly what you are treating you are wasting money on them.

    You have made the best decision by going to a doctor to find out exactly what the rash is.

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    I went to my doctors appointment today and he confirmed it was a candida (thrush) infection and he prescribed an anti-fungal cream and ordered a blood test.

    I told him that I have read allot on candida infections and I told him that I wasn't taking antibiotics and felt pretty health for the past six months. Then the doctor started to rattle off a list of things than can depress an immune system and when he said "high stress levels", it finally hit me. Just two days before I noticed the onset of the rash, I have had drove home from Las Vegas.

    The drive up wasn't too bad so I thought even though I didn't have working AC in the car. Granted it was 100+ degrees from Barstow to Vegas. I didn't spend too much outside a casino during the three days I was there. But it was the drive home I think did the most harm.

    The drive home usually takes 4 and a half hours, but this trip took eight and a half hours. three major accidents, one was a fatal, which took me three hours to pass.

    I had never thought stress like that could could compromise my immune system.

    Note to self:

    1- Fix your friggin AC on your car!
    2- Never head home from Vegas on a Sunday afternoon.

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    Good words to live by Abob. I am glad you got your answers and treatment.

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