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Thread: New use for (Dyson) hand dryers

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    Default New use for (Dyson) hand dryers

    Beta and I were at a restaurant a couple days ago following a several hour long journey. I was padded (driving for hours, figured why not), but she wasn't. Unfortunately I let a bit of naivety slip and wet a little more than I should have after a few refills of soda.

    Yup..felt the (relatively small) half moons. Thinking on my feet I figured I should go to the bathroom and check on the damage. Luckily it was a single stall bathroom so I could lock the door. Check my backside in the mirror...yup there they were. So I started thinking of options of how to handle this. I saw toilet paper to dry the spots as I didn't see a paper towel holder on the wall.

    Thinking that as odd I noticed this silvery box on the wall. It was a Dyson hand drier, I never knew they made these!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Unlike regular hand driers that just have a "spout" of drying air this was like a "layer" (kind of like a force field at the top) of drying air that you just pulled your hands through. It did a bit more drying, but it mostly just "pushing" the water off. Pretty neat stuff.

    Then I had this radical idea . This could work as a pants drier.

    So I took my change diaper out of my pocket and started cycling it through the Dyson and after like a minute or two it was good as new.

    Thank you could have another marketable product here .

    Has anyone else comp up with "on the fly" solutions to handle unexpected diaper mishaps or leaks?

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    I've been lucky enough to never wet enough to leak, but if I was to leak I probably would do something like you did. Good job at thinking on your feet.

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    Nope never leaked in public, but i've seen those hand dryers at the H.E.B in my town, they are pertty kewl ........... for hand dryers :p

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    I usually wear blue jeans which don't show those tell-tale wet spots very well. I've had small leaks in public but the material is dark enough that it doesn't show up unless you were really closely looking for it.

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    I have leaked in public twice, I used a hand dryer as well actually :3 They work quite well, so It' great that it is here; glad all the single stall bathrooms have them in it here.

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    I don't like those hand dryers, I think they are gonna eat my hands.

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    You know, I have NEVER seen those before where I live. At least, not yet. Most hand-dryers I've seen are the old-school ones that emit air after you press one. But man, that is an ingenious idea to come up with in a bad situation after a diaper leak. lol.

    Then again, I don't go to a lot of fast-food places, or any of their kind much or even use public bathrooms much unless I have to.


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    Hehe those hand dryers make all the skin on my grandad's hand ripple and move, it's funny!

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