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Thread: Tena Slips or Abena's or another XP medical diaper?

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    Default Tena Slips or Abena's or another XP medical diaper?

    I'm going to have some extra cash and want to get some new diapers. I mainly want a lot of diaper but something that won't be an all day diaper. I tend to stay in them and don't use them to capacity and then they smell really bad.

    I can find Tena Slips where I live because apparently Tena counts PR as part of central america. I can go to a store and pick them up for like $20 for 22... which isn't too bad. The diapers are really good and what not. But My main complaint is the cloth like cover that tends to like allow pee to seep out while wearing. So essentially it wets my pants or what not. It doesn't do what a diaper should do after a while. It's not big but I can smell pee against my pants and feel it damp. Doesn't happen with Wallgreens/CVS diapers just these.

    So I was considering Abena or Molicare or something... but there so many options and choices.... gah @[email protected] overall I can't really decide what would be best for me. The diapers pack of diapers would come out to $36 due to lack of ground shipping and yeah... overall I'm just a bit concerned since it's nearly double the price of the Tena's.... So advice would greatly be appreciated.

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    I can only speak for the euro version of abena but I don't find the odour protection all that great. Maybe give the molicares a try. I've never tried them myself though.
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    The US tena's (ultras) suck. I got some slips from over seas via the intetnet 15 years ago, They compared well to Tranqulity ATNs. Abena M-4s (replaced X-Plus with a minor degrade in quality) are the best all around diaper I have found.

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    You have $36.00 USD? Most of that would probably go towards shipping. Just to get it through customs here lol. If you want get a sample of Dry 24/7 diapers, they are the diaper of diapers. But they are kind of expensive for a pack. Your Tena sounds like the same one as ours. So don't bother with that one. I'd say go with Abena M4/L4. If you're going for top notch diapers with a decent price. If you want more diapers go with Abena M3/L3 or Abena's Delta Form which is a cheaper but still a quality diaper.

    Tena's (super or green) pack in the USA comes with 28 diapers. In a store here they cost $22. They are better than Depends and store brands, but that's it. They are fairly cheaper per diaper than a lot of companies. Their quality has degraded as well.

    Sounds like you could use Abena 2s or 3s. You get more per pack and absorbs a lot and is comfy.

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    I've been trying to figure out what it is I liked about Molicares but didn't like about Abenas and Dry 24/7. I have since gotten some ATNs and like those as well despite them being very different from Molicares in a lot of ways. So not sure if this is helpful but, the thing I've found that is most important for comfort, is the fit. And the thing about ATNs and Molicares that isn't true of Abenas is that they're somewhat low-rise.

    So I'd say if you're looking for something high-rise go with the Abena or Dry 24/7 but if you like low rise fit go with the Molicares. I also recently placed my first order of Bambinos and from what I can tell they're fairly low rise as well. For me the higher rise nappies are uncomfortable when sitting. Oh and one last thing, Dry 24/7s run a bit bigger than all the others I have tried and ATNs run smaller. A medium ATN fits me the best size-wise and I'm a 30" waist and about 145 lbs.

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    If you are in theUK, Tena Slip is usually the only and best option

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