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    I'm 26 and just finished regular studies at Zurich University. Till 16 or so I was very lazy at school and impossible at home. Then I found it was easy to get good marks just by working a reasonable amount. Within 3/4 of a year I became second-best of my class and ever since I do what is needed to stay above average. Important to say that my relationship with the parents improved by then a lot – looking back, I must have been a horrible brat from 10-16!

    I did not fully train during days until the age of 6 or so and wet regularly during nights until 9 1/2. At that age I was almost dry, but I occasionally wet the bed ever since and to my shame with an ever increasing tendency.

    Found that diapers can be fun with 13 while babysitting. 3 years later I got my first plastic pants (Suprima) and like to wear them ever since over my diapers. Today I usually wear diapers almost every night and on weekends often 24 hours – at home I like them soaked and heavy. I do wear them out of the house too – whenever and wherever I want.

    In my spare time I do horse riding, snowboard and waterski. I like RP and so I often go online in SecondLife. My family is important to me to. I do write diaper stories (in German) – which tend to get never complete, as I like them to be too perfect…

    I hope to exchange here ideas with people of a certain level, find some good stories (and maybe new ideas) in English. Please do not ask me for meetings – I do have a boyfriend. My time is limited so please accept I will not be on every day.

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    Hello and welcome! I'm sure most of us could look back and point at moments where we were "impossible". I think it's just part of growing up.

    And would you believe that in spite of growing up in a town where going any direction except south put me on one of the Great Lakes in less than 30 minutes, that I've never water-skied?

    Anyway, welcome!

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    Hello and welcome to ADISC! It's always good to see another member join, and I'm sorry more people haven't bombarded your thread with happiness. I hope the replies you get, and your time here are wonderful though.

    Do not worry about meetings, this is not a meet-up site and unless you start getting bombarded through PM's, then you pretty much are safe from that sort of thing. I mean, I'm a girl and I haven't had that kinda issue so I doubt you do. It's good to be clear though, however.

    Get one whenever you can, life is important and no one is expecting you to be on all day. I myself tend to get on once a day, for just a little while, and I find that it's just enough time to get some good posting in before I get on with whatever else it is I want to do. I'm glad you have many things you like to do with your time.

    I know I never finish my stories for the same reason, that I just am really critical of my own work.. so I totally understand. I hope something ends up good enough for you eventually, but I tend to prefer RPing myself. I feel less pressured when it's just for fun and with multiple people who can all get a shot in with changing the way the story progresses.

    Excuse me for asking, but I'm like totally confused...

    Quote Originally Posted by Nati View Post
    I hope to exchange here ideas with people of a certain level...
    What do you mean by this? Do I have to a level 50 Mage of Awesome to exchange ideas with you? I researched in the correct materials, I promise.

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