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Thread: Blu Babyfur here ^.^

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    Talking Blu Babyfur here ^.^

    Hewwooo!! I'm Blu. I'm a very very chill, but playful computer technician currently attending college for a bachelor's degree, with a major atleast in computer science, or a double major with computer science including Radio, Television Video & Film, or electrical Engineering. I have worked two computer technician positions in the past, but currently looking for a position in the Houston area ^.^

    Diapers have been a taste of mine since I was as little as I can remember, I have so many memories from when I was about 3-10 of just obsessing over diapers. but I've never been able to remember wearing them for need. I've had my mom diaper me a few times when I had asked, and plots to have my mom buy diapers, and hide them in my sisters room from my dad. But my mom made me ask my dad if I could wear them, after making him promise not to laugh.. he laughed at me ;.; and I just cried in my room! Another time when I was in kindergarten, I had been decorating a diaper. And for whatever reason I had decided to try and put it on after the class had left for lunch. To my surprise the class had sneaked back in with the teacher.. and I got caught trying to put one on in front of the class >< I got sent home that day.. but cant really remember getting in any trouble for it. My diaper urges died off for a few years, until simmering back up in about 6th grade, when I had made a friend, Tye. He was an awesome guy, and wore diapers at night and was a few years younger than me. He had told me he wore diapers the first day we became friends, and I was completely okay with it ^^ But never implied I liked them myself at the time as I was too afraid to. He even asked if I would wear one with him and I said "I wouldnt mind." But again, I never wore one because of my shyness, though I did sneak a few at times home to my parents apartment ^^ Tye, Tai, Thai or however your name is spelled, If you're out there! Here I am on adisc looking for you! xD
    My interests in being a babyfur didn't come later on when I realised I had strange affections for cats x3 But that's a whole different story =] Doraemon, my plushie is amazing to me ^.^ I sleep with him every night =D And now, I wear cushies every so often, have a nice bottle and a nap with him when I get the change =3 And I can wet in my sleep on a good night =D

    If you're still with me, I just had to get that all out XD I'm here because I'm looking for friends obviously =] I love playing around ^.^ Text is my magical world =D Otherwise, my interests have always been with computers ^.^ Working on them repairing them, building them =D I even have a carputer I'm still working on, but soon to be finished once I get the clutch replaced :3 It's a pretty sweet ride ^.^ I'm gonna get some subs for it too xD
    I also love PC gaming when I get the chance ^.^ Especially racing games, some on Xbox including Gran Turismo and Dirt 3 =P But as far as PC games, I love playing Trackmania, HL2: Deathmatch, and Battlefield 2 ^.^ I also loveee playing around with my servers when I get the motivation xD Two HP Proliant DL360G4p's with 3 Gigabit Nic's on each ^^ I also have a 24-port gigabit switch with fiber connections on it x3 Yes I'm a tech guy... But don't fear me ^.^ [removed]

    I'd love to meet some friends here ^^ Some will learn I'm not all caught up with forums and furry stuff, but more concerned with my own life =D But Ilove to chat and text don't get me wrong!!! ^__^ So say hello! Hi Adisc! =3
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    Hey, welcome to adisc, that is a pretty cool background. I grew up since i was young liking diapers too, although i never had the guts to even tell my mom. I spent some time as a tech doing internet support for a local ISP, but that was only for a year, and some time ago too, so it has been a while since i have been caught up into the tech world. I am working on going into mechanical engineering though. 22 years old and a Diaper fur. Welcome to Adisc though, hope you find your friend, and I'll see you around on the forum.

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    Hey, welcome to the site :3

    Wow, long introduction o,o and I read it all.
    Your mom buy you diapers actually? o,o wow, My mom didn't buy me diapers, she don't know about me and my diapers (Well... She saw me in diapers twice and bring me a psychologist =,=)
    I like furry too, but not too much.

    I'm on the same area like you haha, but on my country is Bachelor of Information Technology (Spanish: Informatica), anyway, if not the same thing is almost the same thing haha.

    And I play videogames too :3 but I dont have XBox or PS e,e
    My only console is a NGC with SSBM (At least I have a Mem Card D: ), so maybe you'll invite me to ur house some day xD haha.

    Well, welcome to the site again :3


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