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Thread: Who else did this? Now with Tutorial (Image heavy)

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    Wink Who else did this? Now with Tutorial (Image heavy)

    Who else gone to Mr Pamperchu's web site and printed a tape that you put on your diaper?

    Click on link in the arrows!
    >>>Tapes <<<

    I did and my love of cat's got me to one particular tape and I thought I should give it a go!

    I took one of my tranquility ATN's and I had to go (Right Click -> Save link) as I am a mozilla Firefox user and got sent to the printer and BAM! got it cut out and taped. Was a very fun project to do and now I don't know if I want to wear it or not (0_0)

    But oh wells. Perhaps I will anyways

    All the best!
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    BEST IDEA EVER! Holy balls dude, you RULE. I'm on a mission this week to get that done!

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    I am making an update!

    I have a few more pictures and there is one with them on me but I blacked out everything but the diaper so that way I will not bring any lewdness to the forums

    I am planing on making a Tutorial Wednesday for how to print, cut, tape, and apply the tape to the diaper unless something comes up. Hopefully nothing will be getting in the way But if not this up coming Wednesday perhaps the next one in the up coming. But we will see how things go!

    All the best!
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    Cool The Tutorial

    How to add decorative Tapes to your "Not so decorative Diapers!

    Hello there reader! My name is Alexander but I go by Alex and; this is a tutorial, to show you exactly; how I have took a, Tranquility ATN Diaper; and added some pure awesomeness to it. Now what is this pure awesomeness you ask right?

    As you have seen in the first and second post of mine in This thread; I have managed to print off some decorative tapes; and apply them to my Tranquility ATN Diapers. Now where did I get these decorative tapes? Well reader, I have got them from a AB/DL such as your self who goes by the name of Pamperchu. The decorative tapes are on his site at this link. You are going to need to keep tabs on this link if you wish to follow along in this instructional tutorial that I have put together for you.


    The list of items that you are going to need are as follows:

    * Diapers of your own choosing.

    * A pare of scissors.

    * Clear packing tape. (I am using Scotch Sealing tape.)

    * A Color Printer.

    * Regular printer paper.

    * Lot's of room to work with and preferably where there is no source of wind such as; natural wind, fans, and other sources that moves air in the working area. (your bed as long as it has been made can be a suitable place to work.)

    * Last but not least. Patience and some sanity.

    I am also giving you an idea of what you need in the two illustrations (Fig 1 & 2) down below. This Tutorial is infarct illustrated; so to help make things easier, and much more enjoyable; for you to go through this fun process of taking that "Old persons diaper" ; and make it so that you are wearing something which is more suitable to being a "Youngster's diaper".

    Fig 1 (From left to right) Print out sheet, Diapers, Packing tape (top) Scissors. (Bottom)

    Fig 2 (from left to right) Packing tape, scissors.



    Step 1: Navigating to the site!

    As you know you are responsible for going there and choosing from Mr Pamperchu's wide variety of tapes that you wish to add to your diaper to spice it up to your liking. So please click on the link down below!
    Pamperchu's Wide collection of diaper tapes!

    Step 2: Choosing your tape.

    This step will take some time of picking and choosing which there is no right or wrong tape pattern. Just what ever you want to use which it is completely up to you! The one that I am using in this tutorial is the one on Row 1 Column 3 which it has locomotives and ships. Two of my favorite things! The one that I used in the pictures above is right above the one that I am using on row 2 because it has kittens and I love kittens. But that is not the one that I am using on this tutorial. In (fig 3) I am showing
    you what my decisions were but I am going to show you through this process decision.

    Fig 3 (In numerical order) 1 the first print out that I have done which has the cats on it as shown in (Fig 4) 2 the tape pattern that I am going to be working with. You can chose something completely different according to your taste. 3 a future pattern that I will or will not be working with.

    Fig 4 The final decision!

    Step 3: Saving your chosen pattern.

    As what I have said in the previous mentioned postings is that you are going to need to actually save the .PNG file to your hard drive and not the .JPEG . You are not going to achieve the same results. The .JPEG ones are just for preview purposes only. So to properly download your chosen tape pattern that you are going to wnat to use. Is that you right click on the image and select "save link as..." Just as shown in the illustration (Fig 5) which is to show you what I am talking about. Mind I tell you I use Mozilla Firefox which I do understand that all web browsers are different.

    Fig 5

    Step 4: Opening your chosen pattern.

    So you have a color printer now have you? Good! now let's get to work on printing the tapes pattern that you have chosen. Which remember the one that you have chosen is completely up to you. What? Did you choose the one that I chose? Well you silly Goose, go back to step 2 and follow through till you have YOUR Chosen tapes. The rest of you please continue with me.

    Well now when your download window shows that you have completely downloaded the .PNG file, (Firefox users the browser will do an automatic virus scan on the file before it will become available for your use) please double-click the download in the download window to open the file. For Firefox users I have included a illustration (Fig 6) down below to help you see what I am talking about!

    Fig 6

    Step 5: Setting up the printing options.

    So now we got this far and you are now staring at your tape pattern that YOU have chosen to use on your diapers right? And it is yours right? What? It is not? You silly Goose! Go back to step 2 and re-follow the instructions and when your finished with that.. Please follow this step when you have YOUR chosen pattern.

    The rest of you let's continue shall we? Great!

    Now for you windows Vista users you will see a button right inside the red circle. Please click that button! Note. The illustration (Fig 7) is for you to use as a reference as you are following this guide.

    Fig 7

    Sub step: 5-1
    You are now going to want to select the print option. Please see the Illustration (Fig 8) for the reference.

    Fig 8

    Sub step: 5-2
    Next it will bring up this screen that you will see for the printing options. Please refer to the Illustration (Fig 9) for reference.

    Fig 9

    Sub step: 5-3
    Now on the illustration below (Fig 10) you are seeing the printing set up screen which you are giong to need to do what is shown in this illustration (Fig 10) 1 you are going to need to make sure that your appropriate printer is selected. On 2 you are seeing the option that is to be selected there. On 3 you are going to need to UN-tick that box. And on 4 it is self explanatory

    Fig 10

    Step 6: Sanity break!

    Now you can take a break while your printer is working. Generally colored photographs do take most printer a little bit more time to print than general essays/papers, and black and white photographs. So while you wait for the printer to finish with the print out; you can go grab that sippie cup; and get your self some water, juice, or soda, It is your choice really. Once the tape patterns are completed with the printing process, you are going to be heading to where your diapers are waiting to receive their new decorative tapes.

    To recap what you are going to need for this next stage.

    * Diaper/diaper's.

    * Scissors.

    * Clear packing tape.

    All in all you are done with the computer work; so now here comes the real work!


    In this phase, we are going to now cut the decorative tapes in to their individual strips and apply them to the diaper/diapers that we are using.

    Step 7: Cutting the tape pattern/pattern's out.

    Now you will see that in this illustration (Fig 11) of the pattern that I chose you will see some red lines. These red lines are the cutting lines; which I am going to be using imaginary red lines in the real world to cut the tapes out. So all in all you don't really need to put the red lines in and have them printed. The red lines can and will make the diaper's decorative tapes look more "Tacky". So now we are to begin cutting the tapes out; so that way, we could tape them down to the diaper So with out further ab-due start cutting. Note: and if you don't feel comfortable with the scissors you can always get your mommy or your daddy or perhaps your big brother or sister to do it for you.

    Fig 11. The illustration that I have talked about with the "red lines"

    Sub step: 7-1
    Here is the illustration (Fig 12) that shows what I am talking about with the physical pictures:

    Fig 12

    Sub step: 7-2
    You are going to make them in to strips as shown in the illustration. (Fig 13)

    Fig 13

    Now whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute.. You mean to tell me that this pattern is not the one that you wanted? You came all this way and you probably got the pattern cut out that you are seeing in this tutorial and you are going to tape it to your diapers now? Is this really the tape that you wanted? No? Well you silly Goose! Go all the way back to step 2 and work your way back here and catch up if you can. You are already progressed this far, for which it is a shame that you have to go all the way back
    to step 2. But you still have my loving patience *Huggles*

    Step 8. Diaper prep and taping.

    So now you got your tapes cut out right? Well let's continue shall we? Right!

    Sub step: 8-1
    Well what you need to now do is to prepare your diaper to receive the tape which means that you need to unfold a portion of the diaper. So what you need to unfold; is the front most part of the diaper, which is the part that goes in front of you, and where the tapes land. We are going to be applying the tapes to the top part as shown in the illustration (Fig 14) down below!

    Fig 14

    Sub step: 8-2
    -What you need to do is to take your clear packing tape; and start pulling some out and away from the roll. While you are doing your dry measurement of the tape that you are going to be taping down You hold it a good 4 - 6 inches above the decorative tape; as the clear packing tape can and will be statically charged.

    -You are going to need to have two inches more; at both sides, of clear packing tape; so please be mindful. When you are done with the dry fitting; you are going to hold the tape with the roll of clear packing tape in a suspended fashion with the roll at the bottom. Next you are going to take your scissors; and cut right where the roll is hanging. Which you are going to be left with a strip of tape which we are using to more or less hold the decorative tape in position.

    -What you are going to do with this strip of tape; is to hold it above the decorative tape, that you are working with; and you are going to lower the packing tape, to the decorative tape; and laminate the decorative tape with the clear packing tape. Remember you are going to need two inches at both ends of the tape so that way we can secure the tape to the diaper and it should look pretty much like the four illustrations (Figs 15 - 18) when you are finished.

    Fig 15 Dry fitting.

    Fig 16 Cutting.

    - Remember you are cutting just a centimeter from the roll it's self and make sure that the roll will have as short of a drop as possible. After all you don't really want to be chasing after a "run away roll"

    Sub step: 8-3
    -Puting the first strip on the tape to hold the decorative tape to the diaper as shown in the illustration (Fig 17).

    Fig 17.

    Sub step: 8-4
    -Now you apply it like how you see it in this illustration. (Fig 18)

    Fig 18.

    Sup step: 8-5
    -Now follow it up with one strips of packing tape on the top and one on the bottom to seal it in which it should now look as presented in the illustration (Fig 19).

    Fig 19.

    -Forgotten to take another with the tape on top but you will see it in the finished product any ways :P

    Step 9. Refolding the diaper.

    Now the decorative tape is completely installed on the diaper; you can now refold the diaper; to the way how it was folded in the factory; or just go ahead and put the diaper on. Use which ever of the two choices that you wish. And remember; now that you got this far with the decorative tape; that is now on your diaper. The illustration (Fig 20) down below shows how the diaper should look when it is finished and folded!

    Fig 20.

    Is the tape that you have chosen? If so you are a good listener/reader. If not, Silly Goose! You must feel very pained about now. You gone through all the steps, and you were working with a decorative tape that you did not wish to work with, but you were working with it because you were following the instructions in this: "Tutorial Article". Well then at least you now know how to do this. So please go back to step 2 and follow the instructions back down.


    Finally! You now have the finished project!

    Well this is in conclusion to the tutorial on how to put baby diaper decorative tapes on a "Old persons diaper" to make it in to a "Youngsters diaper". I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I have enjoyed putting this tutorial/Article together for you. As a request from the writer; lets see what you come up with!

    -As this project is completed; I am taking the liberty of putting a few more illustrations down below.

    Fig 21 Before.

    Fig 22 After.

    This concluding illustration (Fig 23); I took a decorative tape from my first print out that I have not used till now and that one is in this illustration (Fig 23).

    Fig 23.

    What? you did not really want the pattern that I was showing and yet you used it any ways? You silly goose! Ether go back to step 2 or just enjoy the diapers that you just modified. Which ever way it is up to you! :P

    Have fun and please keep this Article/tutorial as a reference.[*]


    I have included a gallery of the two completed projects. Yes the first one is one that came from ABU but I thought what the heck!

    Text - Alexander A.K.A. Mauiman
    Editing - Alexander A.K.A. Mauiman
    Screen shots - Alexander A.K.A. Mauiman
    Image hosting - ADISC
    Image editing - Alexander A.K.A. Mauiman
    Photography - Alexander A.K.A. Mauiman
    Diaper tapes - Pamperchu

    Special thanks to..
    ADISC.ORG Community
    Diapered Anime Community
    My loving parents for the use of printer and tape.
    My cats
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    This is awesome...! You should put in a request to have this made as an article so it doesn't go un-noticed!

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    I have seen this on his website but I use baby diapers so I don't need to have this, well not yet and yes this should be made into and article it would be great and help all the AB's and DL's our there

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    So how do I get the post requested to be made in to an article? That part I don't know how to do

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    Try and message someone with a purple name, they're members of adisc

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mauiman View Post
    So how do I get the post requested to be made in to an article? That part I don't know how to do
    All you have to do is click the report button, then nominate the post to be made into an article. You cannot nominate your own posts. I nominated your post as an article already. Once you report it as a post worthy of an article, Nutfreefruitcake looks it over, and decides whether or not your post should be an article.

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    This is article-worthy. I've PMed the author requesting a few minor changes I would need before I could elevate it.

    Quote Originally Posted by Francis View Post
    You cannot nominate your own posts.
    Actually, you can, though if you write something that you always intended to be an article in the first place, I'd much prefer that someone goes through the normal process as detailed in the "How to Write an Article" article, as this way I can provide specific comments on what seems important in covering a given topic and general notes about writing articles.

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