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  • I never had any real desire to *be* a furry

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Thread: A Random "What If" Situation

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    Default A Random "What If" Situation

    I cook up the weirdest, most random situations in my head sometimes... I was wondering what you guys would do in this one.

    Say it's years in the future, and modern science has learned how to genetically convert people into furries. However, they haven't quite figured out your preferred fursona yet, so you would not be able to do that. Also, they tell you it works like other major surgeries-- once it's done, there's no going back or changing it. so if they evendually did figure out how to do your fursona, you'd be stuck.

    Would you wait it out for as long as it took? Or would you just jump at the idea to actually *be* a furry? Like I said, I have no clue how these things pop into my head... Personally, I would probably wait it out. Maybe even wait a little bit after it came out-- after all, nothing ever works perfectly on day 1. I just don't think it would be worth it otherwise.

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    I'd wait it out to see how well it all goes. I wouldn't want to be the first to try it and it be a failure or something horrific happen to me. I'd also like to choose my preferred features cuz..if I'm going to go through something painful, better be everything I ever wanted and dreamed about to be in pain for weeks. I most likely wouldn't go all out and be complete furry. The most I'd most likely do is add a fox tail and MAYBE fox ears but nothing further.

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    I'd wait for a while as mine probably wouldn't be the first on the list. But if I could, I would. See, if I could be my gryphon furry, that would mean I could fly. After a few flying dreams, that is definitely something I want. That kinda freedom would be amazing. I would definitely jump on it.

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    I would wait for the first fully successful operation to go through and then have it done and I might go all out bc it would be fun!!! But on second thought i probably would not have it done bc its not reversible so to give my full answer i would wait it out for awhile and wait for them to make it reversible to do it and go all out!!!

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    Well even though i luv imagining being a fur, I do feel like a part of me would miss being who i was, so i would probably just get myself a tail, I have always thought that would be kind of fun and furry to have one. But if i had some experience where all of the people i cared about were gone, then i probably would just go all out. I guess that some of my hesitant behavior about the subject has a lot to do with peers and family, i think for the most part it is in a good way though. I don't think having a tail though would do a lot of harm.

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    cats, dogs, and foxes would be among the first furries available *theoretically* so I wouldent likely have to wait, but I would wait till a lot of people had done it. because there would likely be a GREAT amount of social discrimination involved... but if lots of people did it... foxes FTW!

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    Mine and rat would be the first to be tested on so im pretty sure i wont have to wait long ^_^

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    I think there was a thread here just a little while back discussing a site that "claims" they can do this now. Clearly it is some sort of scam, as the facts don't exactly add up as was pointed out in the thread. | Changing the World, One Person at a Time

    As for if it were possible; and I couldn't change back... I guess it would come right down to the situation and cost. If it was still a respectable decision to be a furry (haha) and I wouldn't have constant social ridicule about it, nor trouble finding a job (and I could afford it) then I would certainly go for it.

    If I had the option to transform between the two states as I wish I would do everything I could to get it =)

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    I think i'd wait. kyu's are a difficult species to synthesize anyway X3

    but given thechance to be real.... I would totally do it.

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    Lobie, your link is interesting, and while its most likely fake its intriguing that a bit of snooping to check the owner brings up, the owner has covered their tracks.

    back on topic though, I'd wait it out. My babyfur side may be a canine, but I've always felt I was a ferret in a past life so would want to go for that, I'd even jump in on the test phase of ferrets if they offered it for free.

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