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Thread: How do you define your ABDL-ness?

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    Default How do you define your ABDL-ness?

    The media seems to paint all AB's like Stanley, the guy from Taboo on NatGeo. That we all spend 24 hour as babies that could never possibly live normal lives. (npt what i believe, what i think the world believes.)

    So i got to thinking about, the different kind of ABDL's i have come across (all online, none IRL). I have come up with 5 different levels/categories of ABDL and i was wondering where most of you fall.

    1. Permanent Lifestyle... want to always be changed, cared for, fed, diapered etc. The way most 'outsiders' imagine us to all be. Nothing wrong with this if this is what you want. But definitely requires the most dedication.

    2. Permanent Major Characteristic... Well always have these desires and wants, but cannot always partake in them. May want to be type #1, but has no means, caretaker, or ability to do so. But tries to as often as possible.

    3. Semi-Permanent Characteristic... Those who continuously purge and binge. The feeling never goes away, but they refuse to believe they are type #2. They might think something is wrong with themselves or that this is just a phase, but it keeps coming back.

    4. Dabblers... Interested in it, have tried it out, but don't know if it is for them.

    5. Not sure at all... May have some interests in certain areas of ABDLism, maybe they regress, but not too young. Maybe they have a paci, but don't like diapers. Maybe they are just learning about it and still think it is a little odd.

    I think i probably fit into into type 2... how about you?

    And if i missed a category, let me know.

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    Out of those choices I would have to say 2. We live that as much as possible and he wishes we could do it more.

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    I would say type 2 in spirit, in reality am I type 3 - I don't want to have a binge purge cycle, but that's just the way it goes with me: sometimes the urge is full on like a gushing tap, sometimes it's just a trickle, and sometimes the tap is off. It's not through shame or refusal to admit that I'm an ABDL that I have a cycle, it's just an ebb and flow... I'm not enthusiastic for anything all the time, so perhaps that has something to do with it.

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    I think I'm a mix of type 2 and 3. I have accepted being TBDL, but I'm still unsure on what to do from there.

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    Hi there,
    I'm a 3, but have to wear some form of protection 24/7 due to health problems

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    I think I'm type 4, I love regressing whenever I get the chance. Of course I don't want to be a baby all the time, but I love doing it when I feel like it. I also never binge/purge because all of it (except the diapers) are non-sexual for me. I just love being little!

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    I think I'm a 5 but I'm not sure? I'm still new to this AB/DL stuff but I don't see myself giving it up or finding any of it 'weird'. I definitely know I don't want it to be permanent like 1 is because I like feeling like a grown-up too but I don't binge or purge. There are certain times I'm really in the mood to wear a diaper or suck a paci and there are times I just don't. I never feel shame or guilt about it. I'm a tad embarrassed but I think I can get over it if people find out.

    All and all I see myself as a forever learner and I feel that I will never know enough about this community and really love to learn about it

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    I would say I am a mixture between a 2 and a 3. I used to binge and purge, however, that cycle has been stopped. I am old enough to accept myself as what & who I am, and I am fine with it. However, to spend 24/7 like this the rest of my life,, naaa. But I do go on 24/7 spurts from time to time for about a week or so.

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    I too feel I'm between 2 and 3. 2 is a little extreme for me, but I wear when the desire is there, and don't when it's not. I don't feel like I want to throw anything out, or feel guilty. I accept who I am, and if I wasn't working, I'd probably wear more.

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