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Thread: Unusual place and/or situation?

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    Default Unusual place and/or situation?

    I am making this post for all of the people so they can condense the amount of "Where have you worn" or "Ever worn here?" threads. I've been seeing a lot of them up lately.

    So, where are some places/situations that you have worn that may seem unusual?

    To the mods: If this seems like it's unnecessary to post, feel free to take it down. I'm just trying to slim down the thread count. [Haha!]

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    I once wore two pamper diapers taped together to school. It turned out I had PE that day and had to change in the locker room. I fiddled around with my lock till everyone was out of my section, then used LIGHTING FAST FINGERS and got it off and away. Boy was that a rush.

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    i wore bike riding in a dry diaper ,it was so much better than the hard seat ,thing was my friend didn't tell me till i got his about going bike riding

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    I can think of two places, both were youth events, one was at the lake, the other was at a lockin. Both times, I wore them while I slept. If I was noticed, nobody said anything.

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