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Thread: Hark, I hear a kyu o3o

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    Default Hark, I hear a kyu o3o

    Greetings and whatnot to you all.

    I am Terry the kyu. at present I am entering a full year of being unemployed due to a series of unfortunate and aggravating events from my prior job. This is also my second or third year in college, I'm aiming for an associates in culinary technology. (i say second or third, since there was a two semester break somewhere in there and my math is somewhat sideways these days.)

    I'm mellow and sometimes apathetic, have a long fuse, and I'm real big on art =3

    I also use emoticons a lot because I find text to be very impersonal and bland so I like to let people know how I feel. (thus, if the emoticon doesn't match what I'm saying, tis sarcasm XD)

    I'm sort of a triple threat when it comes to padding. I'm a babyfur, a Diaperlover, and on rare occasions, an AB. I'm not very big on regression, because I never have time (or time alone) to pursue it. But my interest in diapers is the comfort/convenince/cuteness factor.

    Other interests... hmmmmm.
    Well I'm a cartoonist XD (i hesitate to say artist, because these days everyone is an artist)

    (If you're so inclined, My artwork can be found here: Userpage of emeritusterciel -- Fur Affinity [dot] net =3)

    I love reading fantasy and magic novels. the night angel trilogy and the kingkiller chronicle are my favorites at the moment.
    On occasion I do write as well. short stories, novella's and that ever present epic every writer dreams about but never actually manages to get written down =3

    and while I'm in college for it, I'm starting to feel burned out with cooking. it helps if you get paid! >w<

    Why am I here? well, people kept talking to me about adisc, so I figured I'd check it out. Meeting of the minds I suppose. and hey, forums are always a good source of information about a lot of things.

    .... you have an emoticon for pizza? ILU!

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    Yo, this mah (insert obviously offensive but lulzy word here)! :p welcome to the forums.

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