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Thread: Hi! Im Pedro from MEXICO!

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    Default Hi! Im Pedro from MEXICO!

    Hi everyone!

    My name is Pedro and I am from Mexico (24 y/o)
    I've been wearing diapers and footie pj's from 6 years ago... and i would not left it never!!

    As many of you, my first interest was focused in baby diapers. I love the drawings and the overall cute designs on them... specially pampers.. Here in mexico i'ts very difficult to find the largest sizes but nothing is impossible.. i have a very good friend that have helped me to find this incredible stuff in the internet.

    Also, i love to wear kids clothing. Fortunately due to my height and weight i can wear clothes from size 14-16.

    Well hope i could meet some nice people here!! And if you have any question, please do not hesitate asking me.. [Removed]
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    Hey, im from mexican origin, but hi welcome to ADISC

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    Welcome, Pedro - I'm glad you're able to find things, despite the difficulty. Glad you found this site and hope that you find the sense of community here that you seem to be seeking.

    Be well,

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    Hey Pedro! Welcome to ADISC! Can you tell us more about what you like to do/catches your interest aside from your *B/DL life?

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    Bienvenidos Pedro, and as a side fact, I am Mexican myself, a first generation since my mom and dad moved from Guadalajara and Mexico City respectively.

    Moving along, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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    Bienvenidos Pedro! I have had the opportunity to travel to Mexico a few times and I lived in Guadalajara for a short time. Nowadays I'm always looking to practice Spanish and share stories.

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