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Thread: World of Warcraft - Realms/ Toon Names

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    Default World of Warcraft - Realms/ Toon Names

    Hey Guys just wondering if anyone plays World of Warcraft i got 7 85s spready over a few realms but my main toons are Strongaim on Jubei'thos , Seroquel on Saurfang and Rasins on Spirestone all of them are horde :P. Anyone on these realms want to possibly dungeon or pvp and if your not 85 i could help you level a bit with dungeons if interested Private message me on the site or on one of my toons

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    I've got several toons, one 85 warrior and a 84 paladin. Working on a few others especially my mage which is around like 73 or 74 and my druid. I don't have any characters on any of the realms you mentioned but I may create some. I have let my account expire though but I've been thinking about reactivating my account anyways so I'll send you a message if I see you online.

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    I deactivated my account not too long ago. I have 4 85s all horde on Crushridge. I was getting really unenthusiastic about the game, but I may come back either whenever the patch with Deathwing comes out or next expansion. 85 felt like a rip off anyway :P

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    Ewwwwwwww WoW

    I played it for about two months, but then Blizzard deactivated my account and didn't tell me they reactivated until after my next two months of subscription were up, and refused to refund me.

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    I have toons on Muradin and Spirestone, but the highest level I have after playing for seven months is a few level 60's

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    Yeah, depending on your luck Blizzard support can be a godsend or a curse.

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    Most of my toons are on Emerald Dream, Kil'Jaeden and Tichondrius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by irasy View Post
    Hey Guys just wondering if anyone plays World of Warcraft

    Quote Originally Posted by cobine View Post
    I've got several toons

    Quote Originally Posted by Abdljosh View Post
    I have 4 85s
    I have a question concerning realms. I have two toons on a PvP realm and another two on a normal realm. It may seem silly but at level 42 and 60 I've put an investment of many hours into the PvP realm toons, however other players are spoiling the experience for me. It seems out of nowhere some high level toon will pop up and kill me with one shot and hang around to kill me again and again for no reason but for spite.

    I cannot recall this happening on the normal realm but am not sure if that is the design of a normal realm to disallow such behavior or if I've simply been fortunate and not experienced it. Does this happen everywhere? If not, should I scrap the toons on the PvP realm and remake them to start over on a normal realm?

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    I had the same experience on pvp realms so i just scraped my characters on the pvp realms. The only thing is if you have devoted alot of time and effort into them it would be very annoying just deleting them. so its really what you want to do the other option would be a paid charictor transfer to another realm.

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    I ended up scraping the toons I had on the PvP realm.
    So I now have a level; 60, 55, and several level fours. Oh, the joy.

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    Ye the joy of low levels. i need to start going on more to get up levels. Btw do u play hord alliance or both ??

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