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  • A 8" subwoofer for the box <IF SELECTED 4 of em>

    1 9.09%
  • A 10" subwoofer for the box

    1 9.09%
  • a 12" subwoofer for the box

    8 72.73%
  • a 15" subwoofer for the box

    0 0%
  • a 18" subwoofer for the box < IT WILL FIT ^^>

    1 9.09%
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Thread: Question about my subbies (subwoofer size poll)

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    Post Question about my subbies (subwoofer size poll)

    im having problems with deciding on a size to stay with, I have tried 8s, 10s, and a 12, I have an Oldsmobile Eighty-Eight Royle 1990, its a boatmobile, its Huge!
    I am pretty sure I can fit a single 18 in the trunk, but im just wanting to see what yall think I should stick with ^^;

    These are the monsterous configs I have tried. and the downfall of the setup

    10x10" HiVi SP10s - weighed way too much <530 pounds> and there is a metal bar in the way of were they were to be installed,

    4x12" Dayton Titanic MKIII subwoofers - they are pretty heavy as well, <not as heavy as SP10s, weigh about 30 each, so it would come to 120lb, might go back to it>

    4x18" Kicker SoloX - Weigh 100 pounds each, totalled at 400lb, amps would get pretty expensive as if the sub isnt already too much

    1x18" Fi BTL - costs 400 a sub, takes a lot of power, could make for a really good sub with a good box

    16x8" Pyle Blue wave - costs 320, pretty cheap and one hell of a bang

    8x8" Pyle Blue Wave - costs 160, and I could call my audio system the Crazy 88 ^^

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    Okaaaaaaaaay. Exactly [u]what[/i] are you talking about? At first, I thought you meant submissive people ("subbies"), then I thought you were referring to cars when you started mentioning weight, but figured 530 lbs is not heavy enough for a car. Then I thought of boats, but that doesn't quite fit either.
    So...what are you talking about?!


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    subwoofers in a oldsmobile Eighty Eight, I call it a boatmobile because its so wide

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    I don't get the overpowered stereo craze. I would like an old Lexus 430 with a Mark Levinson system. The trunk? for the subs? I would replace the bench with individual seats and put the sub between them near the legs, giving easy access to the amps in the trunk, which then could be by the extra battery.

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    18" Sub??? You do realize the exponentially huge amount of power that will be required to drive a subwoofer like that, right? I really don't know much about the whole car subwoofer scene, cause I'm not really into that. I have a single 10" that I added just to take the bass off my car speakers, so I get much better low's. No thump for me

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    i would say don't go above a 15" subwoofer unless you're entering competitions. you should look at your system as a whole and go from there because if you increase the bass and nothing else your sound will still sound horrible.

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    im thinking about going into competitions, that way I could be in the audio world as well as having the loudest system in the world, the current 'top-dog' is 8 18" fi btl subwoofers, imma get a bus and put 48 18" Fi BTLs in it, now that should be murdering the competition ^^

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    Well, it sounds like you aren't going for sound quality then :p. There was that van (it looked like a armored van) on Mythbusters when they went to that competition - it could shred paper with its bass. Of course, it was also extremely dangerous for a person to be in that part of the van.

    Also, if you seriously want *that* much bass in your ride, keep in mind you'll probably need to get a more powerful alternatore (means worse gas mileage), a bigger battery, and some caps in on the amp end of things (so those 'thumps' don't strain your system). It's gonna be expensive!

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    I do not know a whole lot about subwoofers, but I used to have 2 10" Lighting Audio subwoofers in my car which were 500 watts each but the amp was only 450 watts, so they did not quit hve the power they needed but it was decent.

    Brands I would suggest from hearing them in freinds cars include....
    -Alpine (realy expensive is the downfall, but worth the money if you have it)
    -MTX (pretty cheap with real nice sound qaulity)
    -Infinity (good qaulity sound with really good durability and realiability)
    -Pioneer (similar qaulity, durability, and reliability as infinity)

    I am sure there are other nice brands but those are just some I have had expeirance with that I thought were nice. Good luck with those subs (never heard them called subbies before), post in this thread what you eventually decide on.

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