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Thread: Hello I love longalls, and I will moving to the Carolinas.

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    Question Hello I love longalls, and I will moving to the Carolinas.

    My name is Codi and I happen to be 35 years old chronologically. However,
    this really doesn't mean very much because emotionally and socially (and
    in some ways, mentally), I am like a 4 1/2 to 5 year old, at best. The main
    problem with me is that I have, in addition to ADHD, a very serious
    developmental disability called Autism. It's more severe than most people
    who have Asperger Syndrome, for example. Most people I know with
    Asperger's are like 15 or 16 year olds emotionally and socially (regardless
    of their real age). I just feel so alone sometimes, like I'm the only one in
    the world that is like this, aside from toddlers or preschoolers. I do have
    one friend that lives in Boise, Idaho who is 42, and he is like a 7 year old
    emotionally and socially, and yes, he has Autism. But aside from him, I
    really don't know anyone my age that is like me.

    The biggest problem is that I don't feel like I really belong anywhere. I
    don't feel like I even belong in an adult baby group, even, because I do
    not wear diapers. I am totally toilet trained and have been since
    I was really 3 years old chronologically. However, I do share some
    similiarities with people who are adult babies. For example, I love
    pacifiers still and have been using one (although not as much recently)
    for 17 years. I also enjoy Teletubbies, Barney, Care Bears, Maurice
    Sendak's Little Bear (I've really been obsessed into Little Bear recently),
    Wimzie's House, Arthur, etc. I also love vintage T-strap Mary Janes
    and English sandals from the 1970s to mid 1990s. Of course, I can't
    wear these shoes because they are for toddlers/preschoolers, but I just
    love the shoes. I always have loved T-strap shoes and English sandals
    (double buckle T-strap shoes) since I was in kindergarten, or maybe
    before that even, and that was in 1981. I have 115 shoes in my
    collection. Another thing I am really interested in - if any of you live down
    in the South like Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina (I'm actually planning
    to relocate to the Carolinas; I'm from California), is longalls and
    jon jons. Those longalls and jon jons are just too ADORABLE, they
    really are. Little boys look adorable wearing them with saddle shoes
    or with T-strap Mary Janes. There's nothing quite more adorable. I
    also enjoy oldies music/soft rock music and have hundreds of 45
    rpm records, and I love street maps too - I have 1,200 street maps in
    my collection. By the way, about my shoe collection, I've been collecting
    for 18 years since I had money, and I would have started at age 4 years
    old (and would've worn them too!!) if I had money back then!! They
    don't make T-straps and English sandals anymore, at least not like how
    they did back in the 1980s.

    I love longalls and I got this one lady on EBay to make me a longall (she
    was from Michigan) and it is adorable. Of course, she had to make one
    in an adult size, which wasn't very easy. That one was in blue cotton
    and polyester.. Now, I'm planning to have a Ebay seller from South
    Carolina make me a yellow gingham longall. I can also wear that with
    a peter pan collar shirt. In a lot of ways, I'm still like a 4 year old, I
    act like a 4 year old without even knowing it, and I just want clothes
    that more truly represent what age I am inside. It's hard being 5'11"
    and having a mind of a 4 year old or 5 year old. In some ways, some
    real 4-5 year olds are more advanced than me. I have friends, to be
    sure, and more friends than my brother who is normal - BUT they
    aren't necessarily interested in whatever I am interested in - and they
    are mostly old college instructors or librarians or other people, and
    I also do have a lot of friends in the under 10 age range. I work very
    well with toddlers and preschoolers, but I'm horrible with teens, I can't
    stand teens at all. They are defiant and they are very judgemental with
    me. I've been called all sorts of names. And I've been called the R word
    (retarded) by so many people that I think that I really am that now.

    So that's an introduction (long intro) to myself. Anyway, thanks for

    Codi from California (and hoping to get out of the state soon!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by longallsboy View Post
    The biggest problem is that I don't feel like I really belong anywhere. I
    don't feel like I even belong in an adult baby group, even, because I do
    not wear diapers.
    Diapers are a prop, you are a person. We want to get to know people not objects.

    Welcome to the group, I am sure that you will fit in as long as you are honest, and respect the other folks here.

    By the way, I loved California when I visited, and I'm sure you will love the Carolinas when you get here.

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    For feeling like you are at an emotional age of 5, you write and express yourself very well. Even though you don't wear diapers, I think you will enjoy this site and fit in quite well. We are a diverse group, and not everyone wears diapers. Some prefer pacifiers and plushies, alternative objects that help them feel young.

    I'm glad you have friends but I have to wonder, how will you do when you move to North Carolina? I hope that you won't lose your support group. I'm assuming you are moving with family? I'm sure they will try to integrate you into the community and find others, even if they are both older and younger.

    I hope you feel comfortable here on adisc. There are many different things which we discuss, not just diapers, so feel comfortable to join in. You might put in your signiture that you are autistic so other members will understand where you are coming from. We have another member like that who has severe learning disabilities. We understand him and love him for who he is.

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    The Some of the best people on this site Rarely even mention Diapers. It's not a requirement by any means.

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    I agree you express yourself well, and sound like you don't act the way you feel inside emotionally. By all means diapers are not for absolutely everyone here, just most of us. Here's hoping you do decide to make more posts - we are a great, warm, wecoming site with a great tolerance of, and appreciation for diversity.

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    If it's any help, I recently stumbled upon a place that make something a lot like longalls. Their actually designed for older people with Alzheimer's to "prevent unwanted undressing";

    Twill Back-Zip Overalls

    I unwittingly wound up with a pair of these recently, I ordered a romper from a vintage clothes site and when it arrived a quick google of the brand on the label led me to this site.
    They're very comfortable, seem pretty well made and fit very well over an Abena M4
    And to cap it all, they're only $39 a pop!

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    Hi Codi,
    welcome to Adisc, I must admit for someone with your level of Autism you do exeptionally well, and your intro is really impressive. Most people don't realise that Asperger's and to some extent ADHD are part of the spectrum of autism ranging from very mild symptoms through to alomost total withdrawal and an inability to cope with just about anything. The reason I mention that is there is a spectrum in the AB world as well, ranging from those that like to use or play with one or two items, all the way through to people like me who's idea of heaven is being loved and cared for exactly as a 2 year old would be. It isn't what we use, it's how we feel that is the important thing, so don't worry about labels, if you enjoy using your dummy then use it and enjoy it. You can still get the t straps and english sandals (which I remember well from my own childhood as the sandals were worn by both boys and girls in the late 50's and early 60's), but they are very expensive for an orginal pair, much cheaper to buy some imitation ones for adulty and sissy babies. however if i can track some relatively inexpensive originals for you, I'll get in touch.

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