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    Hi I'm Gamerchild!

    I've been AB/DL curious for about a year and stumbled onto this site. I'm college aged and just got an apartment, but my room mates are going back home every other weekend so I can finally experiment around with my ab/dl desires and thought I would join ADISC for support and just general talking.

    Other than being ABDL curious, I really enjoy playing and collecting video games as well as writing.

    As I said earlier I mainly came for support, and I'm not really sure what to do to really see about getting into ab/dl besides buying some diapers and other basic baby things. Thats pretty much the reason why I came. I just really want to enjoy the company!

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    Hey! gamerchild! Welcome to ADISC! What are your hobbies, interests, life goals, phone #, home address, email address... Actually, ignore the last three.

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    as I said in the first post I collect and play video games a ton, I forgot to mention that I enjoy watching anime every now and then, I'm kinda getting out of that a tad. I'm interested in IT and am enrolling into a IT degree. Otherwise I don't really have many life long goals.

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