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Thread: Hey, everybody! :-)

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    Thumbs up Hey, everybody! :-)

    Hi, all! I'd been coming here for a while and I didn't think it was fair for me to not tell you guys anything about myself, so that's what I aim to do.

    I consider myself a nice guy and open-minded to everything; that's usually the one thing that a lot of people tend to notice [and like] about me. I've also got lots of other good qualities.

    I'm currently not working nor am I in school, though, if all goes well, one of those two things will happen for me by the end of next year. I'd personally feel a lot better if I lost the weight I've got before I go out seeking employment since, from what I've seen of the world, people could be overqualified for a job, but, if they don't like your look, they won't hire you.

    My old apartment has since been sold and, with the money I got from that, I made some serious upgrades (new toilet in the bathroom, new kitchen faucet, new fridge, new TV [40-inch big screen ], new stove and the next thing on my list is new bookcases for the den. My TV-DVD collection is growing way too fast to be able to keep them all on two bookcases.

    I've been having these feelings about diapers since I was about six or seven years old; I was at my babysitter's house and she was taking care of another girl [though I can't remember her age]. She wanted to play "house" and, even though I refused at first, she begged and I gave in. She was the mommy and I was the baby and the first thing she did was mime the actions of a diaper change. I don't really remember a whole lot specifically about it, but I am 99.9% positive that's what started this. Like a lot of you, I tried to ignore it, but then I realized that it doesn't rule my life; it's just another part of my personality and I'm happy with it.

    I love watching television, going out to movies, hanging with friends [not to mention my amazing girlfriend], working on my computer [I can type about 110 words per minute...and I actually taught myself, but I don't use that specific A-S-D-L-J-K-L-semicolon stuff; I have my own method] and surfing the Internet.

    I basically just came here to get to know other people with similar interests and hopefully make some new friends.

    Thanks for reading, everybody!

    (I feel I should point out...hehe...this is my second account [first one was johnson365], but, after the site got hacked, I couldn't get a new password since, for some reason, my email wasn't recognized, so I made this new account and just pasted my old introduction, but, as you can see, I updated it a little. hehe)

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    Thanks, guys! For the welcome back and the help on how to merge my accounts. I didn't even know that was possible. lol

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    welcome back. :-), and good luck in your search for a job. :-)

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