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    Default Hello ADISC!

    Hello ADISC!

    Sorry, not my first post here. I got distracted a couple of times on the way to this particular forum.

    I'm a TB living in the general area of Toronto, Ontario (Canada). Nothing particular about me, although I know some people will disagree about that (being that "everyone's different"...).

    Anyways, outside of DL-ing, I'm into all things technical, but mostly PCs. (Yes, you Apple fanboys, that includes Macs.)

    So there you have it and hello again!

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    Hello hello! Welcome (officially) to the site!What is your main interest with computers then? Hardware/Software etc?
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    Yay, you like MAC's then I'm happy.

    I mean, welcome to ADISC! It's a pleasure to get someone new, and you seem already pretty awesome from the little bit that you have posted. Everyone IS berry special though, so if you don't know what makes you special then you need a super awesome friend with the power of a super spy to find it out for you, or at least help you find it out yourself!

    Any particular reason you choose your username? How is it living in Canada? What are you having for dinner tonight!?

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