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Thread: Hello everyone! I wish I was 11 & diapered...

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    Lightbulb Hello everyone! I wish I was 11 & diapered...

    Where do I begin...

    I'm a DL who currently is non-practicing who go interested once again after the
    recent My Strange Addiction episode on ABDL's. I've had an ebbing and flowing interest for most of my life but for reasons different than most people. Who else can say their trigger moment was seeing their school district's lone student in diapers getting changed in the boys room before school? Seeing that seemed so ideal, so quaint, being cared for and being able to go anywhere. Part of me died that day and wishes I went home and lobbied to wear 24/7... Am I alone in this?

    When I'm not wishing I was wearing or pining for the past, I like to write, travel, and other assorted stuff. I'm fun I tell you!

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    hello and welcome to the... ULLLLLLTIMATE NUMBER 1 ABDL FORUM SITE 3333333333
    no but seriously enjoy the forum theres a ton to talk about and no ur not the only one wishing u were diapered 24/7 or else there wouldn't be this website lol
    most of us feel the same way and for some they get lucky and can live the dream but as for u and me we can only hope and wait for our time to come.
    so enjoy it and hey there are alot of things that could be worse than not getting to live ur "fantasy" or thats atleast how i see it
    p.s id be more than happy to add u as a new friend =D

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    What you're talking about is a "binge-purge cycle"... they happen to everyone. There is an article about it.

    Anyways, welcome to the...




    Yep. True statements :P

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    Welcome to the community, Dohmer194! What kind of things do you like to write? There's actually a section in ADISC where you can submit your stories!
    What are some places you've been before? Where do you like to travel the most?? And what is this alluring "other assorted stuff" ;3 I want to know now!

    Speaking of the recent My Strange Addiction episode, Riley is actually on the forum here as well! Be sure to check out her blog and youtube account as well! X3 lotsa good stuff.

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    I myself bounce around between ages from 3-16 in my age play and interests, and the ages of 8-11 are definitely visited a lot so if you are asking if the age 11 is the thing that other people might share then there is definitely some people who will be interested in similar things. Your situation however seems unique from what I have seen, though I'm not sure the trigger is as important your feelings.

    Welcome to the site though! Are any of the assorted stuff prominent enough to give us a sneak peak what what you are interested in? What kinds of things do you write, and where do you like to travel? The best way to get yourself recognized here is to make your other interests known, we all share interest when it comes to AB/DL community so it's hard to get a name to yourself only going into detail on that. Either way though, only say what you are comfortable saying and I hope you have a great day.

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    To answer everyone's questions:

    Gigglemuffinz: My feelings go back further than that point just that that point was right before a ton of horrible stuff happened in my life in a very short amount of time. I hate to wish incontinence on myself, but had I worn then my parents would have had to take care of me from that point on. I usually write non-fiction and could be compelled to write something if someone wants to see non-fiction. Somewhere in the ether, there is a copy of a story I wrote at 12 that is the type of stuff a kid at that age could only appreciate. I travel often to cities or for sporting events.

    Jaret246: My binge-purge cycles seem to go very slowly and (I'm dating myself here) the earliest part when I could have used someone to relate to the most was in the era where widespread internet use was uncommon. It isn't like I could pull it off lately as my next few months are full of life-changing stuff.

    literallegionaire: Well, who gets away with the fantasy?

    Thanks everyone!

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