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Thread: Welp, just another set of bad rep for AB/DL's

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    Default Welp, just another set of bad rep for AB/DL's

    Police: NH man, 23, used diaper scam to lure woman - Sacramento News - Local and Breaking Sacramento News | Sacramento Bee

    I was reading this news story on my Wii and found the original article pertaining to the incident....let's hope this doesn't get out too far into public view. I hate people for things just like this

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    I didn't see anywhere in that article that it said he was an AB/DL. I mean, its not bad publicity because it doesn't say anywhere in there that he was an AB or DL.
    So average Joe that doesn't know what AB/DL will not make the connection.

    (trying to be optimistic)

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    I understand that and had the same thought myself actually but people reading this article will probably link diapers to adults who are all like this. He was obviously using this as some sort of pleasure so the average person would assume that all people who enjoy diapers would do something as disgusting as this.

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    I disagree. Plenty of people are IC without being AB/DL, and since it isn't explicitly mentioned in the story, I doubt people will think about it too much. Especially since he just wanted women to change his diaper. It didn't say he wasn't IC, and there wasn't anything about him getting them to baby him, so...

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    All the same I kinda think that most people will go "eww thats disgusting" then go right back to their morning coffee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyJayk View Post
    So average Joe that doesn't know what AB/DL will not make the connection. (trying to be optimistic)
    Wish I could be that optimistic. Those who are enlightened will know that populations shouldn't be judged based on single examples, and generally, only the uniquely bad examples make the news. Those who are not will tend to clump all the diaper-related adults they don't to seem like together, under some improper and negative term.

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    epic troll!

    the illegality of this is questionable. a person was paid for a service that was not overtly sexual.

    the deal was made through common (craigslist) methods, and both parties were satisfied with that arrangement well after the end of it. Its irrelevant if the circumstances were as described or not. the "victim" cannot claim any loss, as the "scam" did not cause any tangible harm before or after, nor even after it was brought to light.

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    This stuff probably happens a lot more than we see. It seems that the last couple years people have started to make it more publicly visible.

    I still don't see any direct links to us in the article which is a good thing.

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    What a jackass, as Ben Matlock would say. I say what he did is disrespectful at the very least.

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    I think this happened a few months back. I remember reading this story a while ago. May have been rereported...

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