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Thread: Weekend away!

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    Default Weekend away!

    Just wanted to let you all know, I'm taking a much needed weekend away for a while. I'm taking a much needed weekend away from things with my best friend and just escape.

    I need some time away from the US Debt crisis, some family drama, and just to escape... to just enjoy some XBox 360 Madden with my best friend, a giant case of beer and just... well... ESCAPE! Plus, I need some fun, I may be under the knife in a few months and I need to just get away from it all

    So, I'm doing that.

    Every now and then we all need a break, and I'm doing that this weekend. I only wish Cleveland Indians tickets were in the cards but I don't think so right now. Oh well. Can't have everything lol.

    Everyone needs a break from things, and I'm getting that this weekend.


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    A break from here too, or will you be checking in from time to time?

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    Probably not, due to my best friend only having dial-up- yeah he still has a dialup connection and I am not sure if I'm comfortable looking at ADISC at a hot spot. I prefer to do all that alone. lol.

    Anyway, I hope everyone else has a wonderful weekend.


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