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Thread: Comptia A+ Certification

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    Default Comptia A+ Certification

    Just curious if anyone on the forum is A+ certified? I'm going to be testing for it sometime in the next two months for a job in October. I was just wondering if you have taken it and passed what types of studying methods did you use to prepare? What worked for you etc. Just looking for some advice on the matter since I want to properly prepare myself for this incredibly important test.

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    I have been studying for that for about a year now and I think I just need a little more work and i'm gonna take the test around September.

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    I am a CompTIA A+ certified Remote Support technician.

    The A+ is broken down into several parts
    the 601 which is the essentials
    the 602 which is for IT Technicians
    the 603 which is for Remote Support Technician
    the 604 Which is Depot Technician (like if you repair computers physically for your job)

    You take the 601 and then one of the other 3. They are seperate tests, but you should study for both prior to taking the 601 - they have been know to throw questions that might be cross-over questions on the 601.

    I took my training at a place called TechSkills, it is a mentored training, I would get the list of course work and hands on labs that i needed to do. I could do most of it from wherever I had a PC, and the labs were easier to do "on campus". All of my exams and stuff was computer based.

    I took my Vendor Exam there too, it is done by Pearson VUE Each test was between 80 and 100 questions, all computer based... multiple choice.

    My employer paid for my course and exam and books. I am thinking about going back for my 602 and 604

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    I used "The Complete Guide to A+ Certification" or something like that. It's been a while, and I'm pretty sure the exam has been updated since then. It was like, eh, 6 years ago.

    I actually never ended up taking the exam, but I don't really care to get into tech support type things either. I'm glad some people have the patience for that .

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    Ah cool thanks for the advice guys Yeah in October my friend who is the lead systems anylist for a neighboring city is going to get me a job working in his department. I always hated school and classes so when I went to college after high school for computers I dropped out which in hindsight was obviously a mistake x_x. I pretty much know my stuff in terms of hands on repair and problem diagnosis. So I guess i'll try for depot technician which sounds like its up my alley if its about actually fixing hardware which is what I enjoy doing

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    i would suggest the remote support also. cause you need to be able to troubleshoot over the phone, cause the one thing I hate is to go on-site and fix something that could have been done remotely

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    lol fair enough i'm sure i will eventually i'm just trying to come up with realistic goals come october.

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    I havn't done it, but I plan to do it by the end of September. Not totally sure which one I'm going to do for the second part. I might be doing 602 IT Tech though because correct me if I'm wrong but looking at the table of contents there is more topics covered in 602 than the other two. These tests shouldn't be too hard for me because its mostly stuff I did before in other classes or in real life situations.

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    as of right now, my A+ 602 course is 4 weeks/units long, most of it I did in the remote support tech class (A+ 603)

    There have been a few updated modules, but most seem to be the same.

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