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    Ehh, If you're 18, i would think there's better ways to find someone. You really have to watch out on the online dating sites, you can meet really bad people. Maybe you could go to a club? Or.. I don't know for sure, but I would keep the online dating sites as a last resort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    Anybody try it? Is it effective. Is 18 too young to try it?
    I did, Twice before, but I decided to be single.

    Personally for me, It just dint work out, I don't dislike Online dating or find it bad but for me it's probably going to be a while untill I engage in any kind of Love Relationship.

    For the affective part, I think it is, the disadvantage with some people is the lack of communication in real life and that can be a pain [Emotionally]. Now Psychologists from certain researches actually find Online dating to be quite effective for some reason [Not that I disagree] but everyone has there tastes when it comes to dating.

    18? You kidding, that's like way beyond ready man :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverSmall View Post
    Anybody try it? Is it effective. Is 18 too young to try it?
    Depends on where you go and how you meet. If you are cautious and get to know someone online for a bit and then meet in a public place like the food court of a mall first it can be a great way to connect. I've had a few bad dates, quite a few mediocre ones, and really clicked a couple of times spawning serious and long lasting relationships.

    Look at it as a start point not the entire journey, and I think you may do well.

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    It might be effective. I had a date like this once last year, when I was 18, but it didn't really work out... but of course, every experience is different. I'd say, if you're looking for someone, you can always give it a try and see how it turns out.

    Dating sites are NOT a last resort. Actually, never see anything as a last resort, because showing that you're desperate is the only thing that GUARANTEES you will not find anyone, whether you're using a dating site or not. Believe me.

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    The best places to meet someone to date (at least in my opinion) are school, work, and through mutual friends. You will have better luck with those. Now in my case, I worked will all men, went to school for something that was 99% guys, and had not many prospects with mutual friends, so I tried the online dating thing at about 23. I was worried that I was too young then too, but there were other people on there my age, so I guess I wasn't. There were some people that were about 18 as well, so you should be fine.

    I dated a fair bit online, and here is what I have learned from the expiriance:

    1. Meeting people on online dating sites is just like meeting people in the real world, and no that's not really a good thing. What I mean by that is girls get all the attention, and guys still have to do the chasing. If you're a guy, you will almost never get random messages in your inbox, only responces to what you put out there. People will judge you based on your picture, and never read your profile. The is not everyone, just like not everyone in the real world is shallow. All I'm saying is don't let that get you down. For girls the problem is reversed. It's just like going to the club. Your inbox will be FULL if you have a nice pic. And a bunch of those will be from pevs saying pervy things. Others will be from pervs saying nice things in order to do pervy things to you later. And some messages will be from good people. Take that as you will. Just remember that you never HAVE to talk to anyone you dont want to.

    2. Use free sites. Pay sites are good and all, but as a guy, you'll be spending a fair bit of cash with little return (just like a bar). Free sites offer the same service, and more people use the free site so they don't feel as desperate. Also, most people on the pay sites use the free sites as well. All you're doing with a pay site is paying to message someone you could have talked to for free.

    3. Meet people quickly! I know this goes against what many people will tell you, but I strongly recomend meeting face to face fairly soon after initial online contact. You'll get a good or bad vibe from someone fairly quickly from the messages, but it's almost impossable to get a real connection. You should always meet in a public place for safety, and never go back to thier place (or a private place) on the first date. Why meet early? I found that if you don't get face time within about a week, it just turns ackward and weird. It becomes an online relationship instead of a real relationship, and you want to avoid that.

    4. Ther are good, and normal people out there! This is most important. If you ever start to worry about the online dating world being full of freaks and losers just remember this. You're online dating, and you're not a freak or a loser! People online date for many reasons (like mine), and more often then not it's just people without the incination for bars/clubs, or just people who are shy.

    Wow. This got really long. I'll end this here, as I'm sure that most people have trailed off by now. If anyone has more questions about online dating, feel free to ask here (with some sort of quote to me so I know to check back ) or PM me.

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    I've done a TON of online dating, and I highly recommend it. I have never really had problem meeting women in real life. Friends, school, parties etc. I've never once dated someone I met in a bar/club though. Online you have a chance to see if you really click with someone. For me, I need someone with a bit of brains and sense of humor over all else. Girls that only have their looks going for them are equalized on MSN/email/whatever. The other bonus to online dating is that you are able to date outside your friend circle. The two biggest benefits being friend custody in a break up, and in the event you decide to divulge a little too much info for her one day it's much easier to do damage control when she doesn't know all of your friends. The sites I used and dated from:

    Hot or not: Girls tend to care a bit more about what they look like, but you can still find out a bunch about them before you meet up and decide if they have more brains than a box of hair.

    Plenty of fish: Better site for write-ups, but there is a bit more 'damaged goods'. By that I mean a lot of people on the rebound that are looking to complain about ex's about as much as they are looking for a new relationship

    eHarmony: Ok, but mainly for people looking to jump right into long-term more 'adult' relationships.

    I never tried an ABDL/fetish dating site, so I can't comment on how that goes. I actually met my current gf/wife-to-be in an abdl chatroom. We lived a fair distance away, but talked online casually for years. Eventually we had real jobs and could afford a few flights to meet each other. We hit it off instantly. We had a couple more years of traveling and dating, now we're getting married!

    TL;DR: I like dating sites.

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    I've had success with Plenty of Fish, and it's what I would recomend for a free site. There are a fair number of people that are just there to rebound, but they're ignorable.

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    18 isn't to young, you're of legal age/consent. haha

    The only dating site I go on is Bigger City.

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